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PJM - January '22

Phil Manning
Phil Manning
Seems a lot like 2021 and 2020 so far…aka annoying restrictions but otherwise pretty normal life.
Personally, I think a lot of things will be correcting this year (aka going 🔻). The stock market, crypto, inflation, job market, restrictions, etc. Good time to diversify…in everything ;)
Let’s hope for that roaring 20’s to hit this year (but not with the inequality of the last one)

Nothing much…
Through all the holidays, travel, and settling back down in Bali - I’ve only been updating all my projects to Vue3, Tailwind3, and Firebasev9.
Lembongan, Ceningan, & Penida
Lembongan, Ceningan, & Penida
After 3 flights and 28 hours of travel including 7 days of quarantine hotel in Jakarta - I’m finally settled down in Bali…again ;)
Quarantine was pretty nerve-racking - the hotel I chose as my prison for the week was a bit on the higher end 🤑, but it was totally worth it.
The worst part of quarantine was the constant anxiety of getting a positive test - which would mean a transfer to a government hotel for an addition 10-14 days minimum 😳…so an additional $1000. Lots of horror stories and lots of money being made, but luckily I escaped with just the normal quarantine. Well “normal” included 1 free-of-charge emergency exit after a 6.6 earthquake hit Jakarta 🤪
But back in Bali, life’s been pretty normal as it has been the entire pandemic (minus tourism). It’s definitely felt like the best place to be. Cheap & healthy living, uncrowded, and good vibes - no brainer while the world continues to go coo-coo for COVID.
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Krystal Ball
This is hard to watch but you should in fact watch it. A family was killed so that the President could look like he’s tough on terror. Basically the story of the entire war on terror. That and the insane profits to military industrial complex criminals.
14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible | Netflix
“It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out; It’s the pebble in your shoe.” - Muhammad Ali
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