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PJM - December '21

Phil Manning
Phil Manning
🎇Happy New Year! 🥂
Anybody else put on 10 holiday pounds? (if you’re outside the US that’s ~4.5kg…yes we’re gluttons over here)
I guess I’ve stopped setting New Year goals b/c naturally they’re really mid-to-late January goals. Does anyone really even talk about them past that?
Anyway, broadly, I would like to do a few things…
  • Remove myself from social media
  • Focus more on my long-term health
  • Create a $1000+ MRR SaaS product
Seems like another tough year to make any travel plans but hoping to get in a few new countries if possible :) …and visit some old friends ;)

So the site is done. I’m sure I’ll add some small edits and tweaks along the way…
If you have any suggestions please send me your thoughts!
Personally - I haven’t fully deleted my WhatsApp/Facebook because I mainly live in places where it’s near impossible to communicate without them. I do plan on it but after I’ve closed up and transferred all the apps/pages on FB (it’s even harder to do as a dev!).
You can find me on Signal or in the Icelandverse from now on ;)
Introducing the Icelandverse
Introducing the Icelandverse
The Fam
The Fam
Still holding it down Jer-z Strong 💪!
Forgot how holidays worked round here. It’s like clockwork. Thanksgiving ends… then Christmas decorations are up that weekend. My mom cooked every single day through the new year (no exaggeration). Cookies/cake/prepping for Christmas dinner, then for my Dads birthday, and then New Year. Definitely put on a few LBs 🎅
I have plans to head out in a week but the ol’ rona is making the rounds in NY/NJ - probably 50% of my friends currently have it. We’ll see what plans mother-rona has for me and my flight.
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Off Grid Cabin In The Woods....Start to finish
Off Grid Cabin In The Woods....Start to finish
“Do not pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger men, and pray to be among the few who understands this.” - John F Kennedy 
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