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Pixplicity - Our New Year's resolution: keeping your accounts secure

January 23 · Issue #3 · View online
This month: how to protect your online accounts; using Flutter for putting the ‘rapid’ into ‘rapid prototyping’, and the latest news on AI and mobile.

Are your accounts safe?
Near the end of 2018 Quora, Marriott and Facebook disclosed breaches leaking 650 million user accounts in total. How can you keep your data secure when leaks like this occur almost daily? Passwords are often insecure, long pass phrases are better, but best is adding continuously changing, dynamically generated passcodes. We at Pix are big fans of this tech known as ‘two factor authentication’ or 2FA, and enforce it for all our employee’s accounts.
Unhappy with the available tools for managing 2FA codes, we decided to build our own. Without internet permission but with the possibility to save strongly encrypted backups, our app keeps your codes secure without possibly being able to ‘phone home’.
Mathijs delves into the security details and explains how those data breaches work, how you can protect yourself and how our app helps you doing that.
Download the app now, for free, for iPhone and Android.
A Design Sprint's best friend
We did a few already, but in the upcoming weeks we’ll again facilitate as tech experts in Design Sprints, iterations and ideation sessions. Last year we embraced Flutter as a great tool for rapid development, allowing us to build prototypes so quickly that we’ve fully embraced it. We develop basic apps with animations in no more than a day; add a few days extra and we implemented working APIs and database.
In December a we were present at the Flutter Live event in London to learn all the latest scoops, share our insights, meet fellow developers and brush up on the new developments through workshops. In case you missed it, here’s an article we posted about it.
News from the trenches and recommended reading
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