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September 11 · Issue #1 · View online
This is Mike Bonaventura letting you know that this beautiful, sunny day in New York just got brighter! (See bottom for my current contact info.)
On the eve of Apple’s big day of announcements, we’re launching a sneak-peek of our new website and this matching newsletter! Thus continues our charge forward after establishing our first international office, embracing a broad spectrum of exciting new technologies (read on!), and unveiling colorful rebranding to fit.

Until today, you’ve known us as a staple for major brands and startups to create sleek, top-tier mobile apps.
Today, that changes.
Behind the scenes, we’ve been growing an unparalleled talent pool and incorporating the latest in artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, customized hardware and the internet of things. We combine these to create some incredible stuff and rocket clients like music-startup Anghami to a $3B company and empower BMW to reengage and excite customers from 10 years ago.
We do this by embracing the words of one of our favorite fellow-supernerds:
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are core technologies we embrace and utilize, and we’re incredibly excited to see them experiencing meteoric development and interest.
We’ve been incorporating AI into our clients’ projects for years and with recent major advances, we can’t wait to tackle even greater, system-critical and unique challenges - preventing train derailments, auto-completing art in real-time, and (quite relevantly) predicting flood zones.
Augmented Reality
Tomorrow, Apple is expected to announce not only a redesigned iPhone but more importantly for business, big changes and additions to the tech they support, including AR with their ARKit.
Just two weeks ago, Google rocketed augmented reality forward with the launch of ARCore - a method to display virtual objects and information in the real world on all 2 billion Android and Chrome powered devices. Apple is expected to help push that even further with improvements to ARKit and the power of iOS.
ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale
One of our iOS devs masters cornering while our CEO defuses a bomb
One of our iOS devs masters cornering while our CEO defuses a bomb
Progressive Web Apps
Additionally, Apple has some catching up to do with Progressive Web Apps - fast, lightweight websites that can be installed and function as simple mobile apps. Android already fully supports this and Apple has hinted at fully supporting these soon, which is fantastic news for web-based businesses!
PWAs aren’t the best channels for businesses to invest in just yet, but they’re picking up speed quickly and are poised to make great low-barrier entries for customers. Get in touch if you’d like to know if they make sense for you.
To see it in action, check out Twitter Lite on your Android phone at lite.twitter.com.
Engage Us!
As for what’s in it for you, contact Mike Bonaventura at m.bonaventura@pixplicity.com or 917.783.7186 for a free consultation! We would love to talk about the latest in mobile, emerging tech and perhaps how AI or Machine Learning could help your firm.
Together, let’s create something that’s indistinguishable from magic!
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