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December 24 · Issue #4 · View online
From our family to yours, wishing you the most amazing end of this decade and a rocking entrance into the 20s! Happy holidays and a happy new year to you!

Holiday greetings from Pix!
Thank you for spending time with us this year, this decade. Wishing you a prosperous and booming entrance to the ‘20s!
This is the last year of this decade and the final preparation for our generation’s roaring ’20s. The real “roaring ’20s” started 100 years ago, but if this is any indication of how the coming decade is to be we can expect a period of economic prosperity, cultural advancement and the growing importance of the example major cities have set. So how would we define the roaring ’20s of our generation? Let’s strive for the same, but shift focus to where we need it to become better. Economic growth for the less fortunate, cultural advancement in the acceptance of our environmental challenges and embedding the positive values of this in our culture. Tolerance, understanding, and support.
2019 was the final year for all of us, our leaders and the world to prepare for this and for sure we have. In some aspects with Earth-saving solutions, on others with making important, social topics inclusive daily conversation, and (maybe…, a few too many) mistakes that will provide an opportunity to learn and correct. Politically, environmentally, socially but also technologically the past 10 years have been groundbreaking in every sense of the word.
At Pixplicity, we too spent 2019 preparing for the coming decade. This year we restructured Pixplicity to become the creative tech agency you all asked for. We expanded our technological footing with support in more AR, Machine Learning and Voice to strengthen our already solid tech foundation. Our talented engineers excelled, becoming recognized experts internationally and we built the most amazing things with you. We added a 3D interaction, animation, and design department, a graphic (UI and UX) design team and dived into gamification which got us to make things that people use every day and make them say “NO WAY, THAT’S AWESOME!”
It’s exactly this excitement that we want to bring into the ’20s. We want to work with you to create magic. To make things work where you thought they couldn’t, to revolutionize experiences and redefine window-shopping, to help farmers understand their land better with super-smart sensors they can pick up for a few bucks. Above all, to help you create work that mesmerizes, excites, seems impossible and truly feels like magic. 
Thank you for this year, for all previous years and for the faith you put in us to help you with your ambitions. We wish you all the success and hope to contribute to it even just a little bit. We hope together we can make the time to make this a true, new roaring ’20s and work on making this planet, and all the other ones we dream we’ll set foot on this decade, better.
Love and the warmest season wishes from the entire Pix team to you,
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