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The hard facts |2019: 108 gigs in 12 countries | 2020: 10 gigs in 2 countries |


Pip Blom

December 17 · Issue #40 · View online

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Well this sums the impact of Covid-19 all up, doesn’t it?
2019: 108 gigs in 12 countries | 2020: 10 gigs in 2 countries.
No gigs, no fun, no money.
Let’s hope 2021 will be better!
And let’s not forget the good things!
Here are some (there were more!)

We worked on the Whamification of Pip Blom
We had so much fun doing a Christmas remake of our tune Ruby. Darek did a great job and was heavily inspired by Last Christmas of Wham! doing so. Making the video cheered us up a lot too. We hope it shows!
All Pip Blom Backstage members can listen and watch All I Want For Christmas NOW in our Pip Blom Backstage app. It’s free, so go there! We’ll share it with the rest of the world this Friday.
Go to PIP BLOM BACKSTAGE for All I Want For Christmas!
We launched Pip Blom Backstage
This kept us alive in the dark Covid-19 days. We love making stuff, we love sharing stuff. Some 800 people became a member of Pip Blom Backstage, the community app we built, more than we dreamt of became a Premium (4 euro p/m) or Deluxe (10 euro p/m) member. We will keep on making exclusive stuff like posters, magazines, tracks and videos and more for members in 2021.
If you become a deluxe member this month we will send you 1 Christmas card (made by Gini), 1 unique Glastonbury poster (designed by Scott Duffey) and 1 magazine (the story of our next album).
We released the Pip Blom Deluxe Box
We made a very special signed and numbered Pip Blom Deluxe box with a 10 inch, two 7 inches and more! Pip travelled 3 days through the Netherlands to get it to the local buyers. Good to meet!
If you want one, buy it via Bandcamp!
Order the Boat Deluxe Box!
We recorded our second album!
We had to go in quarantine for 14 days in the Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate to record our second album. But we had a great time there again! We love what we recorded, we’re in the phase of finalizing mixes now. We’re getting there!
We finished off our UK period with two small shows in the Ramsgate Music Hall. One of them was live streamed to the world. Great to see people from around the world joining in!
Love you all and see you next year!
A Gini Cameron original!
A Gini Cameron original!
The Pips
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