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Pip Blom: where's the money at?


Pip Blom

September 18 · Issue #39 · View online

We send this letter to people we've had contact with or people we think are interested in us and our music. Updates about music, tours and media. If we're wrong, we're sorry, then don't hesitate and unsubscribe! All the best, Pip, Tender, Darek, Gini.

Music is our hobby, but it’s our job as well. It’s our way to make a living. And to be honest, we were really proud that over the years more and more people came to our shows, because playing live is our main source of income. We weren’t rich, a long way from being so ;-), but we did pretty good for a young band. And the future looked even brighter.
That was untill Covid-19 of course. No gigs, no money. Of course a lot of people have the same problem, so we don’t have more reason to complain than everybodye else, but we will give you a little insight in the two ways we are exploring new ways of making some money.

1. Pip Blom Backstage Members
We have now 651 members of our community Pip Blom Backstage. We make special content for our members. It can be unique songs, it can be stories, it can be cooking lessons, we share what we know and like. The free members get a lot (we love them all of course), the paying members get extra. Premium members (4 euro p/m) get discounts, get downloads, get digital magazines, etc. Deluxe members (10 euro p/m) get all things premium members get, but get physical products as well: posters, magazines, etcetera. If we get to 500 members, we can have our own basic income.
But we have to be honest, that’s a long way to go. We have 51 paying members now (still great we think ;-) ), most of them are Deluxe members. Our first goal is a 100 paying members.
Join PIP BLOM BACKSTAGE and support us!
2. Pip Blom Livestreams
We love making Pip Blom Backstage a great place. And we firmly believe we can do great things with it. But we want to explore livestreams as well. Of course a normal gig can never be replaced by watching a band play on a screen, but we want to try out good looking and great sounding livestreams as well. We know Nick Cave can sell a lot of tickets for a livestream, but what can it mean for a tiny band from Amsterdam? We don’t know, but we are going to try!
To be honest, we do need to sell quite some tickets to cover the costs, but we give it a shot! It will be nice to do something for the people around the world where we havent been able to play yet as well.
We will livestream the gig we play in the Ramsgate Music Hall on september 28th 21.00 hours UK time. The gig will be available for 48 hours so even when you can’t attend you can watch. We will play a set with a lot of Pip Blom classics and some new tunes too. Get your tickets, let’s prove it can work for a tiny band too! >>> TICKETS
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