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Pip Blom

December 30 · Issue #52 · View online

We send this letter to people we've had contact with or people we think are interested in us and our music. Updates about music, tours and media. If we're wrong, we're sorry, then don't hesitate and unsubscribe! All the best, Pip, Tender, Darek, Gini.

Hello all,
2021 is almost done. A little wrap up.
Thanks, everyone for your support! We appreciate it a lot.
There are a few ways you can support us even more:
See you in 2022,
Here’s our wrap up in 10 tweets,
The Pips

Safe to say 2021 wasn’t our favorite year. But your support made it a great year anyway!
Still managed to do a lot of fun stuff and we even released our 2nd album!
Can’t wait to to play the songs live in 2022 and listen to Welcome Break on vinyl!
Some 2021 highlights
1/10 https://t.co/cyE4pw20Fd
We spend a day recording the video for Keep It Together which was só much fun! Have a look! https://t.co/HC1TtLugPx
3/10 https://t.co/1AzeusCxcU
We still managed to play 21 shows in the Netherlands and the UK.
4/10 https://t.co/2IbuyBXTSF
We recorded a super cool video for You Don't Want This.
Check: https://t.co/JMvka2LK1Q
5/10 https://t.co/7RaYHtjcJK
We took some professional pictures at the beach.
6/10 https://t.co/pb3Smx034H
We released our second album Welcome Break ❤️❤️
Play, buy, order over here: https://t.co/ahI5uwhcVv
7/10 https://t.co/HkeNE21HFv
The reviews were great. Here are two examples.
8/10 https://t.co/QByekXvzih
In general: we received so many lovely, nice and enthusiastic reactions. Thanks so much!
9/10 https://t.co/TeHgEpmwiM
Oh, on top of that we recorded 4 exclusive sessions. This is us in Durgerdam. That's it for now friends. Let's meet again in 2022, love The Pips!
10/10 https://t.co/TowY4B9Uld
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