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Pip Blom: This is the effect of a song in a Netflix series ...


Pip Blom

February 8 · Issue #41 · View online

We send this letter to people we've had contact with or people we think are interested in us and our music. Updates about music, tours and media. If we're wrong, we're sorry, then don't hesitate and unsubscribe! All the best, Pip, Tender, Darek, Gini.

Hi all, here’s a little story from our stats department ;-)
We want to show you what the effect of a so-called ‘sync’ (the placement of a song in a movie or series) is, besides the money involved. Thanks a lot to the Cloud 9 Music team with a special shout out to Coen Tegelberg!

The story of a sync ...
Come Home played a pretty prominent role in episode 6 of Fate: The Winx Saga on Netflix.
Added to good playlists
Because of that people started making Fate-playlists with all the included music in the series in them. Others started listening to those playlists. And that way people tuned in to Come Home. In this newsletter, we show you the Spotify figures because we only do have those. We assume the figures won’t be that different on other streaming services.
A bigger audience
It’s already 1,5 years since we released our album Boat. We think it’s impressive that more than 30.000 people were still listening to our tunes every month. But thanks to Fate that amount recently doubled to 72.800 monthly listeners. You see where Fate was released on Netflix …
More streams
The amount of streams people listened to even grew by 190 % to 227.500 streams in 28 days!
More followers
To us, the amount of followers we have on Spotify is important. Because those people actively chose to keep notified on new material. Almost 22.000 people will find our next release automatically in their Release Radar. Almost 700 people chose to follow us recently. That’s great.
A new crowd
Thanks to Fate, this month we have more women than men listening to our music. That wasn’t the case before. And a younger crowd started checking us out too. 74 % of the listeners this month were younger than 35. That’s a first too. We love all ages, but it’s great that new people find our music.
An international bunch
The UK, the USA, Australia, Germany, and Mexico have always been important countries besides our own The Netherlands. But in the past weeks, we’ve seen more listeners joining in from countries like Brasil, France, Spain, and Turkey. Nice!
Shazam spikes
Shazam is a nice metric too. When people hear your tune on tv, decide to pick up their phone, open up an app and check out what they are hearing, that says something. They want to know what they’re listening to. More than 50.000 people Shazammed Come Home!
That's it!
So far the insights into what a good sync can do to the audience of a little Dutch indie band.
FYI, this month we will finish the artwork, the mixes etcetera for our second album. You can expect that later this year, we will keep you informed about the details!
The Pips!
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