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Pip Blom: 4 weeks of Welcome Break, here are the Spotify stats!


Pip Blom

December 11 · Issue #51 · View online

We send this letter to people we've had contact with or people we think are interested in us and our music. Updates about music, tours and media. If we're wrong, we're sorry, then don't hesitate and unsubscribe! All the best, Pip, Tender, Darek, Gini.

4 weeks ago our second album Welcome Break was released. As you know we have received a lot of great reviews (XS Noize (10/10), NME (4/5), Mojo (4/5), Uncut (4/5), De Volkskrant (4/5), etc) and physical copies of the album will follow in January, but in this last newsletter of 2021, we want to share some Spotify stats with you.
Here we go!

Welcome Break: 749k streams (!)
During the last four weeks 127k people listened to 434k streams of our songs. On average they listen to 3.4 songs each. In our book that are a lot of people and a lot of streams!
They don’t listen only to Welcome Break tracks, of course, we have a huge back catalog of tunes people stream. Even a very old tune like Alone has had 289 plays in the past month. School (24k), Babies Are A Lie (25k), and Come Home (31k) are oldies that still do really well, month over month.
If we look at the number of streams the album Welcome Break and it’s singles has had, that’s 749k so far. Impressive, we think!
Sources: algorithm says yes!
Of course there will be a lot of people that will search Pip Blom and start listening to what they like. But the various playlists play an enormous role as well. You’ve got the so-called algorithmic playlists that smart computing makes for the listener (Release Radar, Your Daily Mix, Artist Radio, etc), there are the editorial lists that people working at Spotify make (New Music Friday, Indielandia, All New Rock, etc) and there are the playlists by listeners (Oor 11-tal, 3voor12 Nieuwe Muziek, Fate: The WinX Saga Official Playlist, etcetera).
If we look at the number of plays algorithmic (104k), editorial (23k), and listeners (3k) have been generating during the last 28 days, you can draw your own conclusions ;-). Spotify’s algorithm is crucial to reaching an audience.
But what can you do to make the algorithm your friend? Not a lot ;-) But what you can do as an artist is ask all your fans to start following you on Spotify. For the computer that’s a signal of love. And because of that, your fans won’t miss new releases (they will be fed to them through Release Radar) and when they start liking and playing your songs, Spotify will feed your music to more people.
We are happy with our 25k followers on Spotify, but at the same time, we believe at least 2.5 million people that could like our music still don’t know about us. That’s the next goal ;-)
Countries: 4/5 of our listeners are from abroad
One of the great bits of Spotify For Artists (our data dashboard) is the overview of the countries where our listeners come from. We love the fact that our audience is so international. 1/5 of our listeners come from our own beloved Netherlands (there is an audience to win there too), so 4/5 is from other countries than where we live. This is the Top 10 …
  1. United Kingdom
  2. Netherlands
  3. United States
  4. Germany
  5. Mexico
  6. Australia
  7. France
  8. Spain
  9. Canada
  10. Belgium
Thanks for your support and see you next year!
So thanks everyone, that’s it for 2021 for Pip Blom.
To be honest, it’s still hard times (cancellations, Covid-19 illness, etcetera) for musicians, but it has been great releasing a new album and getting all your enthusiastic reactions.
Finishing off, there are three things you can do
  1. Order a cd or vinyl version of Welcome Break (release 21st January).
  2. Get yourself a ticket for one of our upcoming shows.
  3. Buy yourself some beautiful merch.
We hope to see you next year, lots of love,
The Pips!
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