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Join us, because we launch something special: Pip Blom Backstage!!!


Pip Blom

June 8 · Issue #35 · View online

We send this letter to people we've had contact with or people we think are interested in us and our music. Updates about music, tours and media. If we're wrong, we're sorry, then don't hesitate and unsubscribe! All the best, Pip, Tender, Darek, Gini.

Hi all,
We launch something special today: an app with a subscription model.
Join Pip Blom Backstage and stay up to date on all news Pip Blom, get special content and exclusive music, receive magazines and more. Of course there is a FREE version with great stuff for everyone, but the PREMIUM (4 euro p/m) and DELUXE (10 euro p/m) members get valuable extras.
Today we start with 30 Days Of Pip Blom where you get a daily dose of music, news and background in the app. 6 days in a row free goodies for all members and 1 day with special stuff for Premium and Deluxe members. And again, again an again.
After that month we will change to two pieces of unique content a week! One for all members, one for paying members.

Become a Free, Premium or Deluxe member
  • Free members get an app with great content plus a monthly newsletter and love for life.
  • On top of that Premium members (4 euro p/m) get exclusive music, 3 digital magazines a year and 3 spots on the guestlist for every clubshow along with the Deluxe members.
  • Deluxe members (10 euro p/m) get what Free and Premium members get, plus a physical present (!) every 2 months. A physical magazine, a physical backstage pass, a button (?), beer mats (?), you’ll be surprised.
All members get the Pip Blom Backstage app
The app is the base of Pip Blom Backstage, viewable on mobile and desktop. That’s the place where everything is happening.
Premium and Deluxe members get the magazine
The digital and physical magazine are for paying members only. We spend a lot of time on them and love working on them. We hope you like them!
Deluxe members get special extra's
The Deluxe members get all physical stuff. The magazine, a backstage pass and more. Every two months!
Spread the word!
Of course we hope you will become a member of Pip Blom Backstage, but we hope you will spread the word too.
Can Pip Blom Backstage become a serious source of income for us over time? To be honest: we hope so!
We’ll see, but we put all our energy in it. We work hard for it. One member at a time!
Pip, Tender, Gini, Darek
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