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1 year? Yeah, only one year!

Today it is exactly one year ago that we played our very first gig as a band. We played three times i

Pip Blom

June 29 · Issue #7 · View online
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Today it is exactly one year ago that we played our very first gig as a band. We played three times in a row in the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. It was in a rehearsal room so only 25 people could watch us everyday. We were nervous, but it turned out great. People liked it, we loved it. And so much has happened in the 12 months since. Incredible! Please allow me to look back for a minute, be proud for a while and thank some people along the way! 
To be honest, I hesitated. Can I send this? Should I send this? Isn’t it a bit too much? 
But hey, it is all true ;-) And I am proud!
Thanks for all your support

Photo Paul Appleton
Photo Paul Appleton
We played 74 gigs
You need to make hours, you need to practice, that’s how you get better. That’s why we love to play live so much! So thanks Canshaker Pi and traumahelikopter for taking us on tour in the Netherlands and Surferblood for having us on a 17 day European trip. It was great! We loved playing small places, had fun in big clubs and enjoyed playing festivals like Into The Great Wide Open, Eurosonic/Noorderslag and SoccerRocker a lot. And we played 74 times in our first year. Wow!
We have a Dutch booking agency
Pien and Katja of Friendly Fire were there on one of our very first gigs in the Volkshotel. And they have helped us a lot ever since. We’ve talked to other Dutch bookers and of course they are good as well. But there was a special click with Friendly Fire (thanks Roel too!). Thanks for the support! If you want to book us in the Netherlands, get in touch with Pien:
We played Paradiso three times
Of course we love all the gigs. Well most of them anyway ;-) But Paradiso is special. In the Netherlands. In the world. So we are more than proud that we have played Paradiso three times in the past year. That very first time was frightening. But it was fun too! 
We toured England four times
We travelled to the UK 4 times in the past year. 3 times on our own, once with our friends of Surferblood. Thanks a lot everyone for helping us out with a special mention to Jacob Brailsford. Our friend! 
And the last tour deserves a special mention too. Thanks to Dutch Impact we could play The Great Escape festival in Brighton. And we think we played our best gig ever over there! Thanks Ruud Berends for inviting us.
We have an international agent.
The same story as for Friendly Fire is true for our international agent. We’ve talked to other good people of great companies as well. Nice to have met you all. And let’s stay in touch. But there was a special click with Jamie and Sally from X-Ray Touring. So they represent us from now on outside the Netherlands!
Hey Marc!
Hey Marc!
We played live on radio and tv
Even before playing our first gig, Vera Siemons asked us to play on the national station Radio 1. A news station ;-) That was unforgettable. But so was playing on 3FM and DWDD. 
A special shout out to Marc Riley who supported us a lot on BBC 6Music in England. Doing a session for his show was one of the highlights of our year.
We have 800.000 plays on Spotify.
To some 800.000 plays on Spotify is nothing, but to us that’s an awful lot. Spotify with its curators and algorithms has helped us to get to a worldwide audience. That is special. A special shoutout to Dieuwertje Heuvelings over here in the Netherlands! And a special thank you to Raven Aartsen of Mozes And The Firstborn. We recorded I Think I’m In Love with him.
We were featured by top blogs and publications
We did get loads of good reviews and specials and attention in international media. From Dork Magazine to Parool to DIY Magazine to Volkskrant to KCRW to Oor to Noisey, etcetera. The list is long. A Badge Of Friendship played an important role last year in getting our name across. Thanks to Claire and her team!
We released 2 vinyl singles
We live in a digital age. But we love the fysical too! Pete and Dave of the Norwich based Grunt Grunt A Go Go Records were the first ones to believe in us. They released our first 7". It is almost sold out now …
The second 7" was released by the Paradiso Vinyl Club, the talent label of the great Amsterdam club. There’s only a few copies left of those as well …
Both labels: thanks so much! 
And thanks Suzanne Stevens for all the art work! 
That was then, this is now! Coming up!
OK, this was the looking back bit. We’re more than proud. But now over to the looking forward. What are we going to do next? There is a lot coming up!
1. More releases: a single on Nice Swan Records
We have set a date for Babies Are A Lie, our next release: september 15. Alex Edwards and Pete Heywoode of Nice Swan Records were really enthousiast about our earlier stuff and want to release 2 tracks (digital and a 7" vinyl). We have recorded Babies Are A Lie with Mathias Janmaat (Bombay) and Simon Akkermans (C'mon & Kypski). We could do this thanks to support of De Coöperatie. Great.
There is a lot of things that makes Alex of Nice Swan special. Not only offered he us a contract, but he introduced us at the same time to top music lawyer Paul Spraggon. And what a nice man that is! So after meeting, we asked Paul to look at Alex’ contract ;-) And … no worries, all good, all good! 
2. More gigs: De Popronde
Out of 1400 bands, 140 were selected to play the travelling Dutch festival De Popronde. We were one of them. 4 months, every day of the weekend another city. Looking forward to go to all the nice places in the Netherlands. And Dutch music platform 3voor12 picked us as one of their 12 talents to look out for. That’s cool too.
3. More UK: an october tour is being scheduled
We’ve enjoyed touring Europe, we’ve loved touring England. So it’s great to be able to say that we will travel to the UK again, early october, to do another tour! X-Ray Touring is booking right now! So clubs that are interested, get in touch with Jamie or Sally: /
Everybody thanks for your support and all the best!
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