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Pim van Boesschoten - Issue #54

I just finished reading the last issue of Offsceen magazine and really encourage you to buy this maga

UX Digest

September 18 · Issue #54 · View online
A bit about UX-Design and a bit what keeps me ticking.

I just finished reading the last issue of Offsceen magazine and really encourage you to buy this magazine. It shares so many great views on the tech world from a human approach rather than following the newest trend out there.
One story was an interview with Amber Case talking about Calm Tech as a approach on designing great products & services that respect humanity. The manifest tells you for instance to use as less tech as possible in your future designs. Don’t try to change computers into humans or the other way around, learn more about it in this article on medium.
The other story that struck me was that one of Aza Raskin, who’s father Jef Raskin invented the GUI for the Apple Macintosh. Computer-Human interaction was a hot topic back in the days and now he suggests we rather need a focus on society-technology interaction right now. Why? Because we are building tools and platforms that hack into the very basics of how humanity works and use this against us to grab our attention and influence the way we think and form our vision upon the world around us.
Aza help to set up the Center for Humane Technology which is giving deeper insight into the problem and the way forward for us as mankind.
Both stories seem to tab into an anti-movement saying this is enough. And to give an alternative approach on how to design the right products.
‘What works isn’t always what’s right’. Hopefully a logic step into a maturing Tech world. ..

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