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The first ever Moolah Podcast episode

Hey friends,
This week I published a podcast episode with Phil Gomes, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer at Bloq, a blockchain infrastructure company. We talked about various topics ranging from blockchain as a storytelling technology, Phil’s experience managing a crypto DeFi community, and how someone can break into a marketing/communications role in crypto. Here’s how to listen:
You can also find a Twitter thread at the end of this issue highlighting his experience at Vesper, a crypto DeFi protocol (if you’re not familiar with what DeFi is, here’s a primer).
I’m not quite sure yet if I want to continue this podcast thing, but I can say it was both fun and challenging publishing this conversation online. If anyone’s curious how to get started, I’d be happy to chat about my experience!
Hope everyone has a great week,

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, writes about how to scale blockchains. One of those ways is something called a rollup. I’ve always been intimidated by Vitalik’s writing because of how smart he is, but Vitalik is also a great writer and is able to explain the different types of rollups very clearly. I’ve gotten more interested in blockchain scaling as we get closer to ETH2‘s go-live date.
This is Ryan Holiday’s first ever appearance on Tim Ferriss’ podcast (he would go on to do several more appearances). Ryan talks about stoicism, which is a branch of philosophy he helped popularize through several best-selling books. Distilled down to its core, stoicism is about taking obstacles in your life and turning them into your advantage, controlling what you can and accepting what you can’t. I think that’s a pretty good philosophy to live by.
This is a book I’m currently reading and thoroughly enjoying. “Deep work” is the idea that concentrating on something for 2+ hours undistracted yields tremendous productivity benefits. This is in stark contrast to how most of us work today: sporadically checking email or social media while we work or study. I’m currently learning how to code, so I’ve been applying the book’s ideas to my daily routine and it’s helped tremendously in my progress. If anyone feels like they’ve been having a hard time focusing lately I would strongly recommend you check out Cal Newport.
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This week's Twitter thread
Phil Hendricks
After only 2 months since launch, @philgomes helped grow DeFi protocol Vesper Finance to $1B+ in total value locked.

One of his biggest takeaways on the explosive growth: cultivate a volunteer-minded community.

Here's some other things I learned from a CMO in crypto 👇
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Phil Hendricks
Phil Hendricks @PhilLHendricks

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