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Weekly newsletter of Philip Roger - Issue #13

What are the Different Types of Custom Eyeshadow Boxes
Every kind of eye makeup, either its shimmering mica and powder eye shader, cream eye shader, eyeliner, fluid eye shader, glitter eye shader, eyelash art, and smudged eye shadow, can be packaged in gorgeous custom-designed cosmetic eyeshadows.
Some of these are so pretty that the girls who wear them look totally alive, ready for a night on the town or a date.
These gorgeous custom-made cosmetic eye shadows come in many different shades and finishes and sometimes include extras like glitter eye shader and glitter eyeliners.
Some have special bronzers or other eye shadow effects.
Use Them as Gifts
They are a great gift for any woman and especially a woman who has a special event to attend. There are two kinds of custom eyeshadow boxes available.
One is a standard-sized box with generic colored cosmetics in a single outer container. The second is larger and has more customizable features.
Usually, it has four inner compartments and two removable clear plastic trays. The two clear trays can be used to add extra powder or other eye shadow products to your targeted audience.
Variety of Shapes and Sizes for Eyeshadow Boxes
Women can find custom eyeshadow boxes wholesale in a variety of eye shadow shapes. The most popular shapes are basic round, oval and square.
These packaging shapes allow the cosmetic to be stored neatly and in a well-organized manner without cluttering the space. Each shape also requires a specific number of lashes to be included in the product.
You might want to find custom packaging in these common shapes, but you will find many more shapes available if you look carefully.
Create a Complimentary Look Through Eyeshadow Boxes
Many women also like to add-ons to their cosmetics in order to create complementary looks with their favorite dress or hairstyle.
If you add on mascara or eyeliner, you may need additional packaging to house these products.
Customized eyeshine packaging will help keep all these items together and keep them from rubbing against each other while traveling with your cosmetics.
Some women like to use eye pencils, crayons, and other products that require separate packaging to keep from cluttering the area around their eyes.
Customized eyeshine packaging will help keep these things from getting lost along the way.
Add-ons for Eyeshadow Boxes
There are also some women who prefer to add-ons to the basic black, brown, or white eye shadows they already own.
If you stock up on these specialty eye shadows, you may want to consider investing in some fancy custom eye shadow boxes.
These boxes are specially made to house these specialty eye shadows in a secure manner, so they do not end up being rubbed against the rest of the cosmetics. Some women prefer to add a few small products like blushes, liners, and even mousse to their basic palette.
If you have this many products, you should definitely consider investing in custom eyeshadow boxes to store them all in one place.
Customize Your Options
Another option for packaging your eyeshadows is to purchase some customized eye shadow packaging.
If you want a little extra decoration for your eyes, you can choose from a variety of different printing options.
You can purchase printing options that feature different patterns or colors. If you are creating your own design, you can have your custom eyeshadow boxes printed with your own graphics and artwork.
Many printing companies are now offering custom printing of these packaging options so you can be as creative as you want to make your eyeshadows look extra special.
There are also several different options available when it comes to custom printed eyeshadows boxes. If you want to jazz up your product packaging, you can get them in several fun shapes.
One great shape is the “starfish,” which is available in several different colors and features a cute fish-shaped cap. Other fun shapes to choose from including the heart, dolphin, butterfly, and several other fun shapes.
Final Words
Whether you’re getting ready to go out and play, or you’re just looking for a convenient way to store your makeup, you’ll find a wide selection of custom eyeshadow packaging options.
These are great for any kind of makeup, whether you’re using loose powder, pencils, cream shadows, or liquid colors. No matter what your eye colors are, you can make sure that your products are protected by having them stored in an organized way.
No matter what kind of eye shadow you are using, you can guarantee that it will look incredible if it’s being packaged in the right way.
You can even personalize your eyeshadows with any number of different designs, logos, and patterns so you can make your makeup bags an eye-catcher wherever you go.
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