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Stephen’s Dispatches - Issue #02

Stephen’s Dispatches
Stephen’s Dispatches
Howdy folks!
I write to you today from my snowy, sleepy apartment. My radiator is gurgling loudly as we sit out this little Nor’easter. I intend to take full advantage of this storm, and take a little lazy holiday playing games, reading and catching up on my newest unhealthy obsession: BravoTV’s Below Deck
You can see I changed up my newsletter design a little bit with a new icon. Trying some new things these days. Trying to spend my energy sprucing up my digital garden. Might open a shop to sell something I’ve been cooking up. Or maybe not. We’ll see what shakes out as we enter springtime. I’d like to spend more time creating 🤞

Speaking of rest, take notes. Lots of very good tips here:
How to rest well | Psyche Guides
Maybe the New York Times should purchase the IP to Wordle? 🤔 I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of the clones and knock-offs going around.
Wordle is a deceptively easy game for burnt-out pandemic shut-ins - Vox
I came across this piece earlier this week. I love reading about how things are made. It’s absolute zen. Who would’ve known that roller skates were so complex! Love it.
Outlook is looking very bleak for Ukraine as Putin eyes invading inward (previously invaded in 2014, forces never fully pulled out back then). Very concerning for Eastern Europe and the world at large. We are all very tired.
U.S. and allies debate the intelligence on how quickly Putin will order an invasion of Ukraine — or whether he will at all — The Washington Post
Well, that’s it today’s dispatch y’all. I hope you are all staying safe. Get you some rest this weekend. Catch y’all on the next one ✌️
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Stephen’s Dispatches
Stephen’s Dispatches @petrey

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