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Stephen’s Dispatches — Issue #01

Stephen’s Dispatches
Stephen’s Dispatches
Howdy folks, and welcome to Issue #01!
Truth be told, I’m a bit rusty writing these little newsletters. I figured I’d give the ol’ newsletter another go. Full disclosure, my preferred format for these sorts of dispatches are as follows:
  • links from around the web and thoughts on topics
  • suggested readings
  • reviews of films or books
  • link to an occasional short-form blog post from yours truly
And, well that’s about it! Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Are you watching Succession? For your sake, I truly hope so. This piece on Nicholas Braun is remarkable. I have found myself lately rooting for the unique kinship between Greg and “Terminal Tom.” Braun was a natural fit for his character:
“His height is just disarming, right away,” said McKay, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. “I’m six-foot-five, so usually when I meet people that are taller than me, they’re athletes. To meet someone who was six-foot-seven and they have this kind of comedic neurosis to them was really unusual.”
How the ‘Succession’ Star Nicholas Braun Elevates Cousin Greg - The New York Times
Don’t Go In the Woods. You’re Next. - The New York Times
Dallas's David Lowery Won't Leave His Old Haunts – Texas Monthly
I’ve been putting off learning (or even reading the basic documentation if I’m being honest) anything Rust for a long while now. Maybe, just maybe it’s time that changes:
“Rust is the first of a new set of languages introduced over the past 20 or so years that can really be used for things we’ve been stuck building in C or assembly code before,” says Fastly CTO Tyler McMullen says. “It’s memory performant, and has a compelling type system that lets you express higher-level concepts in a low-level language.” Plus it interoperates well with other languages and can run on many platforms ranging from embedded systems to servers.
How Rust developers are making the web safer · GitHub
Oh. My. God. I love these little prototype treasures. These crude little things would have never made it into the MoMa or museums if Steve Jobs would have had his way. These sorts of processes are rarely seen, and more commonly destroyed. It’s a miracle that one ever survived:
Panic shares first look at extremely rare first-generation iPod prototype - 9to5Mac
Very interesting map of the NYC Subways system from 1954.
Very interesting map of the NYC Subways system from 1954.
80 Years of Holiday Shopping in New York - The New York Times
Here, we end with this incredible chronicle of photos from years past. The Times has pulled some fantastic images from their archives There’s a wide variety of photos that captures American’s insatiable appetite for holiday shopping and sales. Chaos, anxiety and tiredness barely describe the months between November and January but, it’s a start.
This was fun. Until the next dispatch, y'all take care! ✌️
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Stephen’s Dispatches
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