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Petite Nymphet's News & Updates
And so 2022 begins...
…with as much uncertainty as we’ve gotten used to over the last couple of years! With Omicron spreading across Australia I’ve decided to wait (again) before releasing any new dates for international travel - sorry to those who where hoping for tour dates sooner. However I am still available for FMTY sessions - visit my website for more information.
I’m currently taking bookings in Canberra from clients who are fully vaccinated and can provide proof at the start of the session of a recent negative Covid test. Availability for January and February is almost full, so make sure to reach out sooner rather than later if you’re interested in a tryst.
Raising & Revamping Rates
After six years as Petite Nymphet, and with an ever more demanding schedule, I’ve decided it’s time for me to make a few changes! Over the next month I’ll be assessing my services and rates and making a few adjustments to what’s on offer.
Old rates will be honoured for those who book in and send deposits before the changes are implemented, and for my long term regulars I’m open to discussing grandfathering for the first half of 2022.
You have until March to book in before I’ll be totally revamping what is on offer, so if you’ve been wanting to spend some time in my company reach out sooner rather than later to organise your booking.
My Latest Foray Into Fan Sites...
After the news last month that AVN Stars has shut down their fan site, I’ve decided to slowly start building up a profile on Fansly. There’s a lot of content for me to sort through and upload (a whole four years worth!) and it’ll take me another month or so to get everything up to date.
I’ve decided on three subscription tiers for my Fansly profile - photo only access, full XXX access and a seperate tier for my submissive fans which will have femdom-focused content only. Prices for all have been discounted this month as I work on my page, so go check it out and sign up for heavily discounted rate while you can!
Still have a strong preference for OnlyFans? Don’t worry, my account on there is active and I won’t be closing it anytime soon.
I know lovers in the past have inquired as to where they can leave testimonials, and so I thought I’d let you all know that as well as being able to submit them to ScarletBlue there is now an option to do so on both Dakota Dice and Ivy Societe.
While I do appreciate the time it can take to write, as well as how fun it is to relive our meeting together, please remember that some things are best left between us.
What's Bringing Me Joy
If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen posts about my veggie garden! It’s been doing super well this summer, with a massive crop of tomatoes I’ve already started harvesting and using in cooking. However there’s way more than I can eat by myself, so in the next week or two I may cook them down into a pasta sauce and can them up for later use.
Which is an easy transition into my latest little hobby - canning! Water bath canning, to be precise. At Christmas I made preserves and found the process of not only cooking the food but learning how to properly seal and store it to be very rewarding; plus after many compliments on my Paddington-worthy marmalade I really want to play around with flavours in jams a bit more!
And on a more work related note, I’m booked in for a photoshoot next month and am having a lot of fun getting organised for it! Ordering latex, deciding hair styles, poring over my heel collection and trying to figure out how to bring my ideas to life… due to COVID it’s been almost a year since my last one and there’s so much I want to do!
And that’s it for this newsletter, folks! 🥰 Thank you to for taking the time to read through my updates & ramblings, and for your continued support. Check out the links below to find more of me and my stuff:
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