Two Point Four - climate change and the global move into cities. - Issue #3





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Two Point Four - climate change and the global move into cities.

February 14 · Issue #3 · View online

I explore the intersection of the climate emergency, the global move into cities and the ever-increasing pace of technological revolution.

Semiconductors are the new oil - the geopolitical power play is less and less about fossil fuels these days, luckily. And whether it’s semiconductors, or data who are “the new oil”, as long as it’s not Cryptocurrency (which is incredibly bad for the planet), this seems like progress.
From Harvard: fossil fuels are killing a LOT more people than previously thought with pollution. Pollution (and killing people today) is an angle to get climate policies accepted by politics and the public - people can feel pollution (and traffic) today, not 50 years from now.
One city-climate insight: a lot of the things we need to do to fix climate change are basics. Like stop building our cities (and lives) around cars. Basic infrastructure we could be building today.
Brent Toderian
There's bike infrastructure... & then there's Dutch bike infrastructure. World's 1st suspended bike traffic circle:
The CEO of Volkswagen says a million charging points by 2024. 2024 is short-term and indicates real commitment. Commitments about 2030 or 2050 mostly make me yawn and are too easy to waffle your way out of (with a few exceptions).
Herbert Diess
1 Mio charging points for EVs till 2024, 3 Mio till 2029! Carmakers, consumer groups & environmentalists agree: E-Mobility is the way forward to fight climate change now. @TimmermansEU
Have a great Sunday,
P.S.: We are working hard to make a meaningful space to work on climate change. It’s invite-only, but you can reserve your username now. Also, any shares on Twitter of that link are *much* appreciated!
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