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Petervan's Delicacies - Issue #96

Extended version of Petervan’s Delicacies. Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my

Petervan's Delicacies

November 4 · Issue #96 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory.

Extended version of Petervan’s Delicacies. Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory. Enjoy!

The very best
Rebooting GDS – swardley – Medium
Matrioshka Brain: How advanced civilizations could reshape reality - Big Think
Blockchain company ConsenSys buys Planetary Resources - Blockchain company ConsenSys buys Planetary Resources
On the nose
On a Tiny Finnish Island, a Helipad, 9 Piers — and the Russian Military? - The New York Times
The future of photography is code – TechCrunch
Apple’s New Map
What we mean when we talk about legacy: mindset, architecture, data and Dave
Paywall: The Business of Scholarship
Machine Guns Are Coming to a Bar Near You – Power Trip – Medium
The Mona Lisa Doesn’t Tweet - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
Have you seen that slide? The transformation thing, old power, new power and all those shifts | Leandro Herrero
Inside Jerry's Brain
Entrepreneurial Combat in China – azeem – Medium
We are heading for a New Cretaceous, not for a new normal | Aeon Ideas
The blockchain phone is coming... but what does that mean?
The New Tyranny of the Dollar by Mark Leonard - Project Syndicate
9 people who were way ahead of their time
Data and Society
The House That Spied on Me
A detailed technical rebuttal of Bloomberg's "backdoored servers" article / Boing Boing
Our lack of interest in data ethics will come back to haunt us
Chinese banks start scanning borrowers’ facial movements
This sensor tells your Airbnb host if it thinks you’re having a party - The Verge
President Trump and Cellphone Security - The Atlantic
Tech giants may have to be broken up, says Tim Berners-Lee | Technology | The Guardian
We Need to Have an Honest Talk About Our Data | WIRED
Rushkoff about democracy
Chinese military command monitoring Taiwan, South China Sea ordered war-ready — Quartz
Softbank’s Masayoshi Son offers free solar power to India
5 Major Cities Threatened by Climate Change and Sea Level Rise —TheCityFix
Trump has abandoned civility. And so has the Republican party | Lloyd Green | Opinion | The Guardian
The Fortune Future 50 2018 List
The Global Landscape of Corporate Vitality
Leading a Bionic Transformation
zaha hadid design develops odlo futureskin performance clothing
Innovation requires vulnerability – THNK School of Creative Leadership – Medium
Future of work
Uber drivers have a boss: the algorithm.
DigitalLife@Daimler: Using #collaborate to shape connected cooperation | Daimler-BlogDigitalLife@Daimler: Using #collaborate to shape connected cooperation | Daimler-Blog
Yes, You Can Eliminate Bureaucracy
The next finance transformation starts with the CFO | McKinsey
A driver's last ride as Greyhound pulls out of western Canada - YouTube
Internet Culture
Radical Markets/Trim/Deal with difficult emotions | Cool Tools
UNPACKING INDUSTRY 4.0 | Platform Strategy – by Sangeet Paul Choudary
Rebuilding the web — #Yesvember #indieweb – Kevin Marks – Medium
Devcon4 Keynote - Vitalik Buterin - YouTube
Swiss Financial Association Publishes Anti-Money Laundering Standards for Digital Assets
Visa Set to Launch Blockchain-Based Digital Identity System with IBM in Q1 2019Visa Set to Launch Blockchain-Based Digital Identity System with IBM in Q1 2019 - Altcoin Today
Coinbase raises Series E round of financing to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies
Monzo, the UK challenger bank, raises £85M Series E at a £1B pre-money valuation – TechCrunch
The Third Wave of AI – Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine
How AI conversational tech is transforming financial services (VB Live) | VentureBeat
Watch out dinosaurs, we're in 'extinction phase' - Citi global CEO
Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin says his creation can’t succeed unless he takes a step back - MIT Technology Review
Why Is Tencent Investing $180 Million in a Brazilian Banking App? -- The Motley Fool
Blockchain Trade Finance Platform | eTrade Connect Officially Launches
AI, Robots, Algorythms
Why Machines Make Human Skills More Important, Not Less by Mark Esposito – Global Peter Drucker Forum BLOG
Forget Watson, the Red Hat acquisition may be the thing that saves IBM – TechCrunch
Algorithms Should Be Designed Like the iPhone
Alan Winfield's Web Log: Autonomous Robot Evolution: first steps
The Case for Giving Robots an Identity | WIRED
Intel's AI strategy for 2019 goes beyond chips
Machine-learning algorithm beats 20 lawyers in NDA legal analysis - TechSpot
Thomas Reardon and CTRL-Labs are building an API for the brain – TechCrunch
Post Capitalism
Ep. 109 Jason Schmitt “A Pirate Bay of Knowledge?” – Team Human
The artist putting rubbish to visionary use – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian
A look at Ghent's policy participation unit | P2P Foundation
Art related
Anthony Burrill’s visual venture into the world of acid house
MOCA's "One day at a time" exhibit is everyday life as a masterpiece — Quartzy
V&A east will include buildings designed by o’donnell + tuomey and DS+R
Six Hours and 24 Minutes Later, a Minimalism Classic Is Back - The New York Times
Observez la timidité des cimes, ce mystérieux comportement des arbres - Terra eco
The Unexpected Upsides of the Hole in Fire Island | Hakai Magazine
Intricate Geometric Patterns Hand-Pressed Into Aluminum Cans | Colossal
Interview: ‘The Formula’ by Albert-László Barabás explains the science behind who will succeed or fail – GeekWire
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