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Petervan's Delicacies - Issue #87

Extended edition of Petervan's Delicacies. 

Petervan's Delicacies

December 24 · Issue #87 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory. A short 5-item version every week on my blog: Enjoy!

Extended edition of Petervan’s Delicacies. 

The very best
The Battle for the Infrastructure of Everyday Life – But what was the question? – Medium
The Blockchain Research Institute Manifesto: Realizing the new promise of the digital economy - News - Don Tapscott
How Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes creates space by architecting interactions
2018: The Year of Global Creolization
Competing with BigCo: 2018 Edition – Learning By Shipping
Renault gears up for driverless cars by buying magazines | Reuters
BELONGING PRECEDES “DOING STUFF” – Nilofer Merchant – Medium
Thrivable Technology – H_O_L_O – Medium
How We Define Community: A Collection – Redefining Communities – Medium
Reconstrained Design: A Manifesto | CCCB LAB
When Fragility Becomes Strength – Zander Nethercutt – Medium
The Post-Algorithmic Era Has Arrived
All about Alibaba: ambition and humility in the company's campus and culture — Quartz
Why Leaders Must Find & Create Belonging – Nilofer Merchant – Medium
Team Human: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge "Weaponized Pleasure" - Rushkoff
It felt safe here – Witness
Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto - Joi Ito's Web
Book of the Day: Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals,Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals Cooperative Alternatives beyond Markets and States | P2P Foundation
Data and Society
Estonia planning its own cryptocurrency, called 'estcoin', in bid to become global ICO hub | VentureBeat
Rethinking the 'production' of data - All Things Distributed
Merry Last Christmas, Jack Dorsey. – Mike Monteiro – Medium
Remy: Bitcoin Billionaire - YouTube
Then-and-now photos of London’s “Visible Girls” show the tenacity of female friendship
The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True in 2017
Eric Schmidt steps down as executive chairman of Google's parent Alphabet | Technology | The Guardian
Top 7 Breakthroughs of 2017 That Prove We’re Living in the Future
Scaling Edges vs. Transforming Core | Integrative Innovation
Gradually Then Suddenly: CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal On How Corporations Can Stay Ahead Of Insurgents | CB Insights Research
From Principle to Practice: Humanitarian Innovation and Experimentation | Stanford Social Innovation Review
Before Tom Peters, before Peter Drucker, we had Mary Parker Follett | Tim Kastelle
Being Human and Embracing Change | 100%Open
Periodic Table Of Early-Stage Cybersecurity
Sequoia is raising a new fund that could top $6 billion, as pressure from SoftBank’s mega-fund increases on Silicon Valley VCs - Recode
Open Innovation Generates Great Ideas, So Why Aren’t Companies Adopting Them?
oiio presents modular car concept for 2060 LA mobility plan
The Best Reads on Platforms from 2017 – Stories of Platform Design
Future of work
Senior managers creating organisations of clones - HRreview
WeWork is launching an invite-only startup incubator Area 51 — Quartz at Work
4 predictions for the future of work | World Economic Forum
Connecting work, learning, and life
Circadian Lighting Solutions Are Real—Why Aren't They Being Used?
Internet Culture
Silicon Valley Techies Still Think They're the Good Guys. They're Not. | WIRED
Cyberpunk isn’t just sci-fi — it’s Silicon Valley's design theory
Our live five for 2018 | Consult Hyperion
What Alibaba wants its foreign employees to understand about China — Quartz at Work
20 Blockchain-Focused Startup Accelerators as Unconventional as the Technology | Lets Talk Payments
Top 10 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for 2018
Here’s all the money in the world, in one chart - MarketWatch
Navigating FinTech Disruption | Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Our response to "A Cryptocurrency Without a Blockchain Has Been Built to Outperform Bitcoin" — MIT Media Lab
Bitcoin: New Financial System or Same Old Boys' Club? | Fortune
Waves and leading market players are founding a new self-regulatory body to set standards for ICOs
2018 Fintech Predictions — the year of macro risks, part deux
Digital and people skills essential for banks to deal with disruption, Latest Singapore News - The New Paper
Will 2018 Be the Year of the Bank of Amazon? Experts Weigh In
Our 2018 Predictions - 11:FS
AI, Robots, Algorythms
Riders in Alphabet’s Driverless Car Will Be Insured by Startup Trov - WSJ
Autonomous and Intelligent Systems: The Human Factor - Beyond Standards
My Magic Leap skepticism and optimism explained: no matter what this is an important product for our future – Robert Scoble's Augment Your Life
Google Glass, Oculus, HoloLens: The Race for Augmented Reality Glasses Starts Now | WIRED
Chinese online retailer JD plans to open hundreds of unmanned shops, ahead of Amazon
Post Capitalism
The Transformed Role of Government in the Blockchain Era - CoinDesk
[1712.05796] A Data-Driven Analysis of Workers' Earnings on Amazon Mechanical Turk
‘There’s no life here’: a journey into Britain’s precarious future | Inequality | The Guardian
What Cohousing Looks Like: Inside Berlin's Radical R50 Baugruppen Project
Art related
MX3D Bridge - Joris Laarman
Multivariate Map Collection - Jim Vallandingham
Universe Coherence – Phase Change – Medium
Self promotion department
Humanist Future Trends 2020: Peter Vander Auwera - Human Works - Empowering the game changers of tomorrow
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