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Petervan's Delicacies - Issue #120


Petervan's Delicacies

April 21 · Issue #120 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory.

The very best
New Ways of Seeing: can John Berger's classic decode our baffling digital age?
Deep time and beyond: the great nothingness at the end of the Universe
TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K)
Against Waldenponding: II
Maslow’s Island – @ComplexWales
The Efficiency Delusion – OneZero
The Invasion of the Livestreamers: How a Man Became a Meme
MIT researchers discover way to move 25 ton stones with only their hands
Opinion | We Built an ‘Unbelievable’ (but Legal) Facial Recognition Machine - The New York Times
15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook | WIRED
Google offers "scientific proof that design is important" with A Space for Being
French officials call Project Gutenberg archive, 15 million ebooks, Grateful Dead recordings and Prelinger Archive "terrorism," demands removal from Internet Archive / Boing Boing
The Most Measured Person in Tech Is Running the Most Chaotic Place on the Internet - The New York Times
Deciding on Geoengineering Will Be Harder Than Doing It
Data and Society
The FBI Wanted a Backdoor to the iPhone. Tim Cook Said No | WIRED
The End of Privacy Rursus Lege – Artificial Intelligence Network – Medium
US facial recognition will cover 97 percent of departing airline passengers within four years - The Verge
Are We Sleepwalking Into A Control Society? – The Startup – Medium
A New Age of Warfare: How Internet Mercenaries Do Battle for Authoritarian Governments
My Digital FootPrint: Dirty tricks, skullduggery & data portability
My Digital FootPrint: Why #consent is the wrong word for digital; because it does not have an end.
Amazon Workers Are Listening In on Amazon Echo Users - The Atlantic
» When employees are tracked by their employers, science fiction may actually become science fact (screening surveillance project) [Gerd Leonhard Futurist Humanist Author Keynote Speaker]
Now Apps Can Track You Even After You Uninstall Them
Hackers tricked a Tesla, and it's a sign of things to come in the race to fool artificial intelligence - Science News - ABC News
The Spectacular Desert | Anya Ventura
The daily carbon count and further steps towards climate consciousness | Letters | Environment | The Guardian
Puma's latest sneakers come to life in AR app | Mobile Marketer
Cornell scientists create 'living' machines that eat, grow, and evolve
Scientists Say New Quantum Material Could “‘Download’ Your Brain”
Uber's self-driving unit gets its own CEO and a $1 billion investment
Phantom Auto raises $13.5M to expand remote driving business to delivery bots and forklifts – TechCrunch
CRISPR is now being used on humans in the U.S. | Popular Science
CRISPR can turn human cells into biocomputers - Futurity
Crispr Gene Editing Is Coming for the Womb | WIRED
Chinese Health Care Is Betting Big on AI
Facebook confirms it’s working on an AI voice assistant for Portal and Oculus products - The Verge
Firefighters had a secret weapon when Notre Dame caught fire: A robot named ‘Colossus’ - The Washington Post
Yale scientists restore brain function to 32 clinically dead pigs - Big Think
Event Report: Google Next 2019 - Google puts more arrows in the cloud quiver | Constellation Research Inc.
China’s farming drones - Inkstone
Future of work
Sorry, Jack Ma: 12-hour workdays are not a blessing
The Manager’s Guide to Cultivating Flow at Work – Better Humans
Rethinking authenticity | London Business School
The Millenial Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism – Graphite Publications
How Coworking Spaces Affect Employees’ Professional Identities
Microsoft staff are openly questioning the value of diversity — Quartz
Internet Culture
Platforms Want Centralized Censorship. That Should Scare You | WIRED
Smartphones Are Weapons of Mass Manipulation, and This Guy Is Declaring War on Them
Why Square’s Commitment to Open Source is a Big Deal for Crypto
Facebook shuts down Messenger P2P payments in the UK and France
US Bank names BBVA's Derek White chief digital officer
AI, Robots, Algorythms
Google’s AI Experts Try to Automate Themselves | WIRED
Artificial Intelligence for Pharmaceutical Research and Development | Emerj
Boston Dynamics debuts the production version of SpotMini – TechCrunch
Mush, Spot, Mush!
Facial recognition is big tech’s latest toxic ‘gateway’ app | John Naughton | Opinion | The Guardian
How much can we afford to forget, if we train machines to remember? – Gene Tracy | Aeon Ideas
Digital Ethics
Ethics Strategy Protects the Business from Social Media Disasters
Ethics Boards Won’t Save Big Tech – OneZero
Alan Winfield's Web Log: An Updated Round Up of Ethical Principles of Robotics and AI
Microsoft refused to sell facial recognition tech to law enforcement
Who Should Decide How Algorithms Decide? by Mark Esposito, et al - Project Syndicate
Canada Is Getting Sued Over Sidewalk Labs’ ‘Smart City’ In Toronto - Motherboard
The new digital divide is between people who opt out of algorithms and people who don’t
In Defense of Black Box AI
Post Capitalism
Oxford philosopher's newest hypothesis predicts the rise of super villains
Art related
Raves, robots and writhing bodies: how electronic music rewired the world | Music | The Guardian
RE:HUMANISM Art Prize.1st Edition awarded artists on view • Digicult | Digital Art, Design and Culture
Experimentals: Nautiluses
Google installation in Milan explores impact of neuroaesthetic design « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!
Unearthing great architecture in Mendoza’s wine region: Zuccardi’s Piedra Infinita | Great Wine Capitals
National Museum of Qatar gift shop interiors by Koichi Takada Architects
Animation shows stadium made from steel shipping container for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar
Animation shows stadium made from steel shipping container for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar
Jeanne Gang named world's most influential architect of 2019 by Time magazine
Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter
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