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Petervan's Delicacies - Issue #117

Hope you enjoy this week's avalanche: loads of interesting links and inspirations. Dive in!

Petervan's Delicacies

March 31 · Issue #117 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory.

Hope you enjoy this week’s avalanche: loads of interesting links and inspirations. Dive in!

The very best
Ghost in the Machine
Dance, Dance Evolution: Why humans love to bust a move
Expanding Our Horizons - Efficiently - by John Hagel
Machines Shouldn’t Have to Spy On Us to Learn
Tech companies' development of AI is "unethical" says Robot Love curator
After two years off-grid, I'm embracing daily letters, good sleep and my DIY hot tub | Mark Boyle | Technology | The Guardian
BBC - Future - Are we close to solving the puzzle of consciousness?
Can we stop robots outsmarting humanity? | Technology | The Guardian
Hybrid Humans and Conscious Robots – Towards Data Science
Artificial Intelligence For Good: Preserving Our Cultural Heritage
Samy Kamkar - Interview | The Caret
The Frontier of Business Growth and Security is Ethics
The Frontier of Business Growth and Security is Ethics — Part II: How
Your next car could have a built-in road-rage detector - MIT Technology Review
Human by design
A New Digital Social Contract Is Coming for Silicon Valley
What is Amazon? | Zack's notes
Amazon Could Soon Force You to Go on a Diet, According to One Futurist
What's the purpose of humanity if machines can learn ingenuity? | WIRED UK
Data and Society
Google's Sundar Pichai to Discuss China, AI With Pentagon Brass - Bloomberg
Palantir wins $800 million contract to build the U.S. Army’s next battlefield software system – TechCrunch
Privacy's not an abstraction
In the Face of Danger, We’re Turning to Surveillance | WIRED
Primary School’s Fingerprint Collecting Raises Privacy Concerns
Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let’s start in these four areas. - The Washington Post
Facebook Again Acting Like A Spoiled Teenager About Data And Privacy - The Content Advisory
As pollution gets worse, air-filtering face masks get fashionable - Vox
Sundar Pichai met with President Trump about Google’s ‘commitment to working with the US government’
Apple’s Services Event – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
The Digital Mesh: How is it Changing Enterprises? - DATAVERSITY
Your Apples May Soon Be Picked By Laser-Shooting Robots | WIRED
Honda, Hino hitch ride with self-driving car service venture of SoftBank, Toyota | Reuters
New documentary Autonomy makes the convincing case that self-driving cars will change everything
The Heart of Innovation: 21 Awesome Quotes on Intuition
Robotic farming: It looks to be a growth industry - The Boston Globe
The Valuation vs. Traction Matrix - Jason Calacanis
Future of work
Each use case needs its own solution: how Sentiance delivers tailored driving scores - Sentiance
Preparing For Tomorrow's Workforce In A World Run By Machines
Managing Workplace "Rebels"- Management Training From
Why are companies still “owning” employees? Laurence Van Elegem - March 27, 2019
The Dawn of a Data Labor Force
From Designing in Teams to Designing in Networks (and Why it Matters)
Internet Culture
Doc Searls Weblog · Cluetrain at 20
The global battle for the internet is just starting | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
Apple announces Apple Card credit card - The Verge
Apple Card Proves Tech will Disrupt Banking – UtopiaPress – Medium
The 5 Hottest Technologies In Banking
Mastercard Introduces Consumer-Centric Model for Digital Identity
Mastercard Wades Into Murky Waters With Its New Digital ID | WIRED
ING and Bank of Beijing to pump $448 million into digital banking joint venture
Nearly all Bitcoin trades are fake, apparently - MIT Technology Review
How Millennial Ethics Are Reshaping Fintech - CB Insights Research
Blockchain is dead - Chris Skinner's blog
Inside Goldman Sachs' Principal Strategic Investments Group — Quartz
The battle of Fintech is over, the battle of TechFin is about to begin – Daily Fintech
Mastercard vows to give consumers control of digital identity
The 100+ Projects Pioneering Decentralized Finance – ConsenSys Media
What Apple's Credit Card Means For Fintech
Blockchain for Identity: 6 Hot Projects - BankInfoSecurity
AI, Robots, Algorythms
A new tool from Google and OpenAI lets us better see through the eyes of artificial intelligence - The Verge
How Pope Francis could shape the future of robotics - BBC News
McDonald's Acquires Machine-Learning Startup Dynamic Yield for $300 Million | WIRED
Tech companies must anticipate the looming risks as AI gets creative - MIT Technology Review
How malevolent machine learning could derail AI - MIT Technology Review
What Would It Mean for AI to Become Conscious?
The Godfathers of the AI Boom Win Computing’s Highest Honor
Google Teaches Robot to Toss Bananas Better Than You Do - IEEE Spectrum
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – A Comprehensive Overview | Emerj
Google is taking a cautious step back into the world of robotics - The Verge
McDonald's will use AI to automatically tweak drive-thru menus
Boston Dynamics puts its wheeled-robot Handle to work in a warehouse – TechCrunch
Crispr Gene Editing Could One Day Cut Away Human Pain | WIRED
Why AI will make healthcare personal | World Economic Forum
Digital Ethics
Readings in AI Ethics - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Can AI Be a Fair Judge in Court? Estonia Thinks So | WIRED
Bill Gates calls Sillicon Valley’s pursuit of immortality “egocentric.” Maybe he’s right
Google appoints an “AI council” to head off controversy, but it proves controversial - MIT Technology Review
Who’s going to regulate AI? It might be you. - MIT Technology Review
Ethics embedded in the strategic core of business
Whose Ethics? - Gradient Institute
A study of ethicists finds they’re no more ethical than the rest of us (and no better at calling their mothers)
AI Performed Like a Human on a Gestalt Psychology Test
How big tech designs its own rules of ethics to avoid scrutiny and accountability
Inmates in Finland are training AI as part of prison labor - The Verge
Joining Human And Artificial Intelligence - Disruption Hub
Amazon and NSF Collaborate to Accelerate Fairness in AI Research : Alexa Blogs
'Bias deep inside the code': the problem with AI 'ethics' in Silicon Valley | Technology | The Guardian
As tech giants seek help on AI ethics, where they seek it matters — Quartz
He Helped Create A.I. Now, He Worries About ‘Killer Robots.’ - The New York Times
Post Capitalism
The unethical greed of Deliveroo and Uber Eats – Antidotes for Chimps – Medium
Center for a Stateless Society » Review: The People’s Republic of Walmart
Art related
atelier jean nouvel's national museum of qatar opens to public
Artist Documents the People Behind Japan's Proud Work Culture
Between Body and Machine, a New Humanism Is Imagined
A.I. Will Enhance — Not End — Human Art – OneZero
DJs of the Future Don't Spin Records—They Write Code | WIRED
Honoring modern masculinity through dance in this new partnership with Harrods
Netflix’s Osmosis is like a Black Mirror episode that doesn’t hate technology - The Verge
Dive in: aerial shots of German public swimming pools | Art and design | The Guardian
"It's time for architects to choose ethics over aesthetics" says Christine Murray
Behold an Anatomically Correct Replica of the Human Brain, Knitted by a Psychiatrist | Open Culture
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