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Petervan's Delicacies - Issue #115

It has been a busy week: some interesting work coming my way:-) I also dived into some papers and boo

Petervan's Delicacies

March 17 · Issue #115 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory.

It has been a busy week: some interesting work coming my way:-) I also dived into some papers and books on contemporary thinking about “design”. I am intrigued by the concept of “speculative” design (blog post coming), and the latest book by John Seely Brown “Design Unbound” (comes in two Volumes!). For some reason a lot of videos as well in this edition. Brainfry!

The very best
Age of Entanglement
Design in Tech Report 2019 — post launch thoughts – John Maeda
Abridged Preview of the Design in Tech Report 2019
A meditation on the open web
A meditation on the open web
Tellart | Design Nonfiction - Kevin Slavin
"Design has to be about modifying power structures" says Nelly Ben Hayoun
"Design has to be about modifying power structures" says Nelly Ben Hayoun
Privacy in 2034: A corporation owns your DNA (and maybe your body)
Zittrain and Zuckerberg discuss encryption, ‘information fiduciaries’ and targeted advertisements
The Automatic Weapons of Social Media – NewCo Shift – Medium
WordCamp Europe 2018 | John Maeda | WordPress and Inclusive Design
Changing contexts and intents - O'Reilly Media
What constitutes an individual organism in biology? – Derek J Skillings | Aeon Essays
Digital Witness - Cyborgology
Design Nonfiction Trailer
The Four Planets of Design – Automattic Design
The Value of Inconvenient Design – User Friendly – Medium
Data and Society
A New Privacy Constitution for Facebook – OneZero
Using Privacy as a Shield, Facebook May Well Conquer the Entire Internet.
Data tracking: The shady practices of Silicon Valley - Big Think
DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System - Motherboard
All the Crime, All the Time: How Citizen Works - The New York Times
The new ecosystem of trust: how data trusts, collaboratives and coops can help govern data for the maximum public benefit | Nesta
» “Dear Tech Company”: A nice counter-narrative to IBM’s promotional video [Gerd Leonhard Futurist Humanist Author Keynote Speaker]
Meet the 2019 Class of Young Global Leaders | World Economic Forum
Catastrophic Temperature Rise In the Arctic Is 'Locked In,' UN Report Says - Motherboard
Imagining the Smart Cities of 2050
How to Calculate Your Innovation’s Odds of Success
MIT invented a new type of robot hand that’s both adorable and terrifying
Top Takeaways From The Economist Innovation Summit
The Story of Becoming a Platform – Stories of Platform Design
‘We Know Them. We Trust Them.’ Uber and Airbnb Alumni Fuel Tech’s Next Wave. - The New York Times
7 Counterintuitive Rules for Growing Your Business Super-Fast
Future of work
Buckminster Fuller Rails Against the "Nonsense of Earning a Living": Why Work Useless Jobs When Technology & Automation Can Let Us Live More Meaningful Lives | Open Culture
Future of the firm - O'Reilly Media
3 Practical Solutions to Offset Automation's Impact on Work
On Surveillance in the Workplace - Schneier on Security
Walmart US CEO asked workers to email him their biggest complaints, and a surprising theme emerged from the deluge of 2,700 messages he got
Your company is not your family
Internet Culture
30 years on, what’s next #ForTheWeb? – Tim Berners-Lee – Medium
The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs - The Atlantic
Exclusive: Inside Twitter’s secret plan to kill “dunking” - Recode
Facebook’s new move isn't about privacy. It’s about domination | Siva Vaidhyanathan | Opinion | The Guardian
It's time for financial services to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Here's why
EU demands new standards for blockchain interoperability
Will Facebook become the world's central bank? - Chris Skinner's blog
Why Banks Could Be Your Ally for Managing Identity - Techonomy
Decentralized Finance – AVC
26 Fintech ecosystem maps from around the world - Jay Palter
Facebook's cryptocurrency could be a $19 billion revenue opportunity, Barclays says
China’s Ant Financial, thwarted in the US, is expanding rapidly in Europe
AI, Robots, Algorythms
AI as a Human Right - InformationWeek
Zuckerberg Wants Facebook to Build a Mind-Reading Machine | WIRED
A New Ion-Drive Transistor Is Here to Interface With Your Brain
Free Will in an Algorithmic World – OneZero
Lattice AI — Anduril Industries
On autopilot: the dangers of overautomation | ROUGH TYPE
What can psychopaths teach us about AI?
2018 in Review: 10 AI Failures – SyncedReview – Medium
Digital Ethics
Digital Ethics by Futurist Gerd Leonhard | Revue
People Want to Know About Algorithms—but Not Too Much | WIRED
2019 Applied Ethical and Governance Challenges in AI - Notes from Part I - Joi Ito's Web
Google DeepMind might have just solved the “Black Box” problem in medical AI
Post Capitalism
Will post-capitalism ever become a reality? – Matt Miller – Medium
Art related
Monochrome Sculpture Captures the Imaginative Dreams of a Sleeping Child
Geert | Blog Report MoneyLab #6: Aesthetics of Financial Flows
LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
With AI and DNA, Massive Attack are hacking a new kind of music | WIRED UK
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