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Petervan's Delicacies - Issue #114


Petervan's Delicacies

March 11 · Issue #114 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory.

The very best
Douglas Rushkoff: The Way to Beat Screen Addiction
Life Rewired Reads: James Bridle
What "Executive Sponsorship" Actually Means
Cory Doctorow: Terra Nullius – Locus Online
Jonathan Zittrain, Founder Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society | #EnlightED
Leading the way towards an autonomous industrial future
The Power of Inconvenience – RE: Write – Medium
Cities Are Not Technology Problems: What Smart Cities Companies Get Wrong
‘On Reclaiming Human Connection’ with Seth Godin – Team Human – Medium
Data and Society
Privacy in a Glass HouseElgarBlog from Edward Elgar Publishing
A Mess on the Sidewalk | John Lorinc
The Sharing Economy Was Always a Scam – OneZero
The Latest in Creepy Spyware - Schneier on Security
Zuckerberg’s Privacy Contradictions - Techonomy
The U-curve of happiness: Why old age is a time of psychological bliss
As Trump and Kim Met, North Korean Hackers Hit Over 100 Targets in U.S. and Ally Nations - The New York Times
Searing Bands of White Light Mark the Ocean’s Rising Tides in a Coastal Community | Colossal
The five biggest proposals in Emmanuel Macron’s “European Renaissance” plan
Sikorsky made a helicopter that’s easier to fly than a drone - The Verge
FedEx partners with Walmart, Pizza Hut to test last-mile delivery robot | Reuters
The Most Dangerous and Disruptive Ideas According to Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil – Innovation Excellence
Future of work
How to build a high-performance curation engine – azeem – Medium
A radically different approach to clarifying roles in a matrix setup
In The Future Of Work, Humans Will Still Be Wanted
IoT And the Transformation of the Modern Workplace - ReadWrite
How technology can bridge the skills gap it created | World Economic Forum
Internet Culture
Weapons of mass distraction | Learning with 'e's
This is how Google will collapse – Hacker Noon
Fintech 50 2019: The Newcomers
The World's Best Banks: ING And Citibank Lead The Way
Facial Recognition in Finance – Current Applications | Emerj - Artificial Intelligence Research and Insight
A Facebook cryptocurrency could democratize banking — Quartz
Blockchain Firm SETL Seeks Buyer After Filing for Insolvency - CoinDesk
AI, Robots, Algorythms
Alan Winfield's Web Log: When Robots Tell Each Other Stories: The Emergence of Artificial Fiction
Knowing the stages of neurological development can make you a better parent
Greek myths have some scary ideas about robots and A.I. - Futurity
Joining Human And Artificial Intelligence - Disruption Hub
The 20 Best Examples Of Using Artificial Intelligence For Retail Experiences
16 Uncomfortable Questions Everyone Needs to Ask About Artificial Intelligence |
The Life-Threatening Consequences of Overhyping AI | WIRED
Hacking Into The Human Brain Could Create Superhumans. Here's How
13 AR and VR Systems Entrepreneurs Can't Wait to See in 2019
2019 Applied Ethical and Governance Challenges in AI - Notes from Part I - Joi Ito's Web
Will Robots Change Human Relationships? - The Atlantic
Digital Ethics
Digital Ethics by Futurist Gerd Leonhard | Revue
Editing the human genome: do the risks outweigh the rewards? | World Economic Forum
An Oxford researcher says there are seven moral rules that unite humanity
Don’t look now: why you should be worried about machines reading your emotions | Technology | The Guardian
Post Capitalism
Our increasingly vulnerable world – FreedomLab
Ethical Wealth Creation Makes Abundance for the World
Art related
Home page - Composition Matters
AI and Machine Learning Invade a New York Art Gallery - The Atlantic
Can machines be more creative than humans? | Technology | The Guardian
AI is bringing out the art world's worst instincts
HANS OP DE BEECK 'The Sleeping Girl' - 26.10 - 26.11.2017 @ PILEVNELI
Immersive Van Gogh show opens in Paris – in pictures | Travel | The Guardian
MVRDV breaks ground on tainan market with undulating accessible green roof
An intimate look into the home of legendary designer Dieter Rams
Discover the Surreal Architecture of Postmodernist Ricardo Bofill - Architectural Digest
Silicon Satire | Anthropology-News
Think These Are Planets? They're Something Far More Sinister | WIRED
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