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Petervan's Delicacies - Issue #113


Petervan's Delicacies

March 3 · Issue #113 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory.

The very best
Omega Learning
The 2050 Project
Marketing to machines: what it is & how you can use it in your company
Is the Universe Real?
The Momo signal: I don't know what it is, but it wants our children
How to (Not) Raise a Reductionist: Reassessing the Paradigms of Child Rearing for an Age of Flourishing
Arch Mission Foundation
BBC Radio 4 - Losing the Night
Every time you say Data-Platform, God Kills a Kitten
Why our Generation Will be Remembered as Savages – Chris Herd – Medium
This Is Silicon Valley – OneZero
As Technology Becomes Cognitive, All Paths Must Lead To Collective Human Flourishing
Frank Gehry at 90: ‘I love working. I love working things out’ | Cities | The Guardian
The Case for Covering Your Ears in Noisy Times - The New York Times
Get ready for the age of sensor panic | Computerworld
It’s Time for Digital Products to Start Empowering Us
Want a Glimpse of Facebook’s Soul in 2019? Look at Its Internal Propaganda Lab.
Intelligent Connectivity And The Need For A New Data Deal
Data and Society
Hippocratic Oath for a Digital World: Insights From SSIR’s 2019 Data on Purpose Conference (SSIR)
Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook has been an 'innovator in privacy'
Black Swans and the value of sharing, data portability/ mobility
Europe Against the Net – Whither news? – Medium
Zuckerberg Prepares For His Close Up – NewCo Shift – Medium
China Uses DNA to Track Its People. The U.S. is Helping.
Review: Jiobit's Location Monitor Tracks Your Kids and Pets | WIRED
Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming | Quanta Magazine
Microsoft CEO defends Pentagon contract following employee outcry - The Verge
Apple’s Empty Grandstanding About Privacy – The Atlantic – Medium
The Myths and Realities of Business Ecosystems
Microsoft, Telefónica to Work on Blockchain Innovation in Fresh Partnership Deal
Amazon is selling milk and dairy through private brand Happy Belly — Quartz
Leaping Into The Future – The Innovator news
10 Breakthrough Technologies 2019, curated by Bill Gates - MIT Technology Review
Magic Leap CEO: We're dead serious about the 'Magicverse' | VentureBeat
Future of work
Be. Excellent. To. Each. Other. | workessence
Maximizing shareholder profits is a great way to destroy humanity — Quartz at Work
We’re Optimizing Ourselves to Death – Buy Yourself – Medium
Why Novartis CEO Vasant Narasimhan is ‘un-bossing’ his employees — Quartz
Educating for uncertainty | London Business School
The battle for work/life balance is lost. The war for device/non-device balance has just begun
An Open Letter To Jeff Bezos – AVC
7 Jobs Humans Can Do Better Than Robots And AI
Excerpts From the New Work Summit - The New York Times
Internet Culture
When Tech Leaves No Space for Humans – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Should My Child Be Polite To Alexa? Navigating The Complex World Of Human-AI Interaction
Everything You Need to Know About What Amazon Is Doing in Financial Services
The Apple Bank – 500ish Words
Fintech firms like SoFi and Robinhood offer “free” stock trading. What’s the catch?
Revolut insiders reveal the human cost of a fintech unicorn's wild rise | WIRED UK
Amsterdam’s fintech darling catches up to Silicon Valley’s Stripe in market value
39 FinTech Unicorns Valued at $147.37 billion - Chris Skinner's blog
Affirm to be embedded at Walmart
JP Koning: People Don't Care About Financial Privacy As Much As You Think
Facebook's crypto team reportedly works in an office off-limits to other company employees
AI, Robots, Algorythms
How I Became a Robot in London—From 5,000 Miles Away | WIRED
Should This Exist? Woebot |
The World's Most Valuable AI Companies, and What They're Working On
We analyzed 16,625 papers to figure out where AI is headed next - MIT Technology Review
How Amazon’s Alexa could grass up dope-smoking teenagers | News | The Times
China’s Tech Firms Are Mapping Pig Faces - The New York Times
Why tech giants are interested in regulating facial recognition
Google brings its Assistant to your text messages
What happens when AI-generated people look for love on Tinder
The Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence – FutureSin – Medium
Digital Ethics
Digital Ethics by Futurist Gerd Leonhard | Revue
We’re Already Designing Babies – OneZero
Documents suggest Chinese government helped fund CRISPR babies experiment - The Verge
Humanity + AI: Better Together – Andreessen Horowitz
Getting closer to guidelines on ethical AI
Post Capitalism
Don’t Fight the Robots. Tax Them. - The New York Times
Art related
How art became a force at Davos | World Economic Forum
Beatie Wolfe's Raw Space "intelligent" album reveals itself as a deck of cards
GAME CHANGERS: The Hip Hop Designers Challenging the Architecture Establishment
Stunning Drone Photos Capture the Incredible Symmetry of Barcelona’s Architecture
People of The New Sun
Tight squeeze for Hong Kong's young professionals
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