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Petervan's Delicacies - Issue #106


Petervan's Delicacies

January 13 · Issue #106 · View online

Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory.

Extended version of Petervan’s Delicacies. Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory. Another huge and very interesting harvest this week. Enjoy!

The very best
How Can Leaders Ensure Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines?
Childhood's End |
Money talks: how digital money & speech challenge existing legal frameworks
Unmasterable: an interview with James Bridle | MAP Magazine
Interview with Verizon CEO Vestberg: It’s All About 5G - Techonomy
Social robots, social space & the collectivist advantage: long term future predictions, beyond 2019 Laurence Van Elegem - January 10, 2019
Humans, not AIs, will save us from the endless slurry of fake news | WIRED UK
Cory Doctorow: Disruption for Thee, But Not for Me – Locus Online
Big Business Has a New Scam: The ‘Purpose Paradigm’ | The Nation
MoMA curator: “[Humanity] will become extinct. We need to design an elegant ending”
The US has already lost this Trade War (Chinese Fintech)
2019: The Return Of The Large Enterprise | Digital Tonto
Doc Searls Weblog · The new together
Doc Searls Weblog · Idea: Woodstock vs. TED.
Ten Top Trends for 2019 - Chris Skinner's blog
Scripting News: Working together, in 2019
Don’t Teach Your Kid to Code. Teach Them to Communicate.
Why I was compelled to ride my bicycle 1,000km during the Christmas holiday
Data and Society
Blacklisted in China—Misbehaving Scientists Poised for “Social” Punishment
Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine – review | Books | The Guardian
5 Emerging Cyber Threats to Worry About in 2019 – MIT Technology Review – Medium
The Laws of Identity
3D Printed Heads Can Unlock Phones. What Does that Mean for Biometric Security?
If Your Privacy Is in the Hands of Others Alone, You Don’t Have Any | Linux Journal
New Attack Against Electrum Bitcoin Wallets - Schneier on Security
Nine innovations creeping us out in 2019
How AI Will Find You In the Crowd, Without Facial Recognition - Defense One
My Digital FootPrint: Is it time to put the human team back at the centre ? #TeamHuman @rushkoff
A Visual History Of The 20 Internet Giants That Ruled The Web From 1998 To 2018 | Zero Hedge
The Next Education Renaissance Is Human ― Not Technological | EdSurge News
Constant cravings: is addiction on the rise? | Life and style | The Guardian
Board Sued Over Google’s Exit Package for Accused Executive - The New York Times
An AfD politician formed his own party with a Nazi-era symbol — Quartz
Seven charts that show the world is actually becoming a better place
Steve Blank The Fatal Flaw of the Three Horizons Model and How To Fix It
Masayoshi Son wants Arm’s blueprints to power all tech - Armed with a crystal ball
The Myths of Disruption and Change – Building The Agile Business – Medium
FINNOSUMMIT 2018 - Keynote: ¿Qué se necesita para innovar? (En inglés)
32 Corporate Innovation Labs In Retail - CB Insights Research
Introducing Nissan's Invisible-to-Visible Technology at CES 2019
Google’s Obi Felten: ‘You Can’t Cast Half the Population As Villains and the Other Half As Victims’
The Nreal Light Brings Mixed Reality To Portable Sunglasses At CES 2019 | Digital Trends
Why Alibaba Is Betting Big on AI Chips and Quantum Computing
Baidu announces Apollo Enterprise, its new platform for mass-produced autonomous vehicles – TechCrunch
The Innovator’s Mindset: Radical Can-Do | Brightline Initiative
Top Apigee Customer Stories of 2018 | Apigee
New Autonomous Farm Wants to Produce Food Without Human Workers
Single-photon exchange confirmed over record-breaking distance of 20,000 km – Physics World
Gary Hamel's Powerful Speech: Highlight Of The Drucker Forum? | Corporate Rebels
Future of work
Harvard: Even Architects Who Design Open Plan Offices Personally Hate Them |
Salesforce's Marc Benioff unplugged for two weeks, and had a revelation that could change the tech industry
Culture and the Real Impact of Change Agents - Part 2 — We Need Social
Internet Culture
BBC - Future - Why it pays to declutter your digital life
Google gets payments licence in Ireland
Open banking: the quiet digital revolution one year on
Top 10 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions For 2019
Bank/Fintech Partnerships Will Be A Huge Disappointment In 2019
Will fintechs sink or swim when floats are regulated?
The era of indulgent clients is over – FinTech Futures
Facial Recognition in Banking – Current Applications | Emerj - Artificial Intelligence Research and Insight
Blockchain Can Wrest the Internet From Corporations' Grasp | WIRED
Contactless payments are coming to the US, another threat to the use of cash
Wall Street Still Throwing Billions At Bitcoin, But There's Still A Ways To Go | NewsBTC
The Application of Smart Finance and Huawei's Approach
Ethereum Classic got hit by a 51% attack — Quartz
Central bank study shows little desire to issue digital currencies
RippleNet Surpasses 200 Customers Worldwide
Welcoming the New Year with 20 Crypto Jokes
New Beginnings | FiniCulture
German mobile bank N26 joins Europe's unicorn club with $2.7 billion valuation
Ripple and SWIFT CEO To Be On FinTech Discussion Panel - The XRP Daily
Trōv | On-Demand Insurance - Trov Launches On-Demand Insurance in Four More States
AI, Robots, Algorythms
Finland’s grand AI experiment – POLITICO
US Commerce Dept Eyes AI Export Reg |
Inside the Chinese Lab That Plans to Rewire the World with AI
Keep the loneliness at bay with Lovot’s $6,000 friendship robot
High-performance medicine: the convergence of human and artificial intelligence | Nature Medicine
A neural network can learn to organize the world it sees into concepts—just like we do - MIT Technology Review
Digital Ethics
Futurist Gerd Leonhard announces updated mission statement, new 2019 speaking topics: focus on digital ethics and the future of humanity – Futurist Gerd Leonhard
Facebook’s Suicide Algorithms is Invasive – FutureSin – Medium
Posthumanism, open ontologies and bio-digital becoming: Response to Luciano Floridi’s Onlife Manifesto
Some Artificial Intelligence Should Be Regulated, Research Group Says
We need an ‘AI sidekick’ to fight malicious AI
Is Data Ethics an Oxymoron? Customers Don't Think So
Never mind killer robots—here are six real AI dangers to watch out for in 2019 - MIT Technology Review
Beware corporate ‘machinewashing’ of AI - The Boston Globe
Huawei is China’s Black Mirror Corporation – FutureSin – Medium
74. Megashifts, AI and Why the Future is More Unknowable than Ever | Gerd Leonhard - The Disruptors
The American public is already worried about AI catastrophe - Vox
Been Kim Is Building a Translator for Artificial Intelligence | Quanta Magazine
Post Capitalism
The Geopolitics of 2069 Are More Chaotic Than You Can Imagine
My Digital FootPrint: The Future of Capitalism
Art related
Philip Glass Finishes His David Bowie Trilogy, Debuting His Lodger Symphony | Open Culture
Parlophone set to release rare Bowie tracks — David Bowie
Not quite ashore – the in-between world of a cargo-ship rest stop | Aeon Videos
flolony floating housing unit by hov offers independent living on the open sea
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