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Peter Vander Auwera - Issue #80

Extended version of Petervan's Delicacies

Petervan's Delicacies

November 5 · Issue #80 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory. A short 5-item version every week on my blog: Enjoy!

Extended version of Petervan’s Delicacies

The very best
On platforms and sustainability
The Nature of the Ecosystem
Machine unreadable
Speculative Realities - YouTube
Can we use our own data to become better human beings?
The Rise of Creator Influence and Trust - Brian Solis
Why we need a 21st-century Martin Luther to challenge the church of tech | Technology | The Guardian
The Slow Death of the Firm – The Control
Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design – Prototypr
How walking a labyrinth can trace a route to self-knowledge | Aeon Essays
Data and Society
The “Amazon Amendment” Would Effectively Hand Government Purchasing Power Over to Amazon
The Web We Have to Save – Matter – Medium
Apple plans to share some iPhone X Face ID data. Uh oh.
Who will buy a $1,000+ phone? These folks – Augment Your Life
China is No Longer a Technology Copycat or Underdog - Techonomy
Why GE’s Jeff Immelt Lost His Job: Disruption and Activist Investors
How to stop MVP pushing you back to Waterfall waste | Fin Goulding
Five Things I Learned from Master Investor, Chris Dixon
Jurgen Appelo's Newest Venture: Crowdfunding Agility Scales | Happy Melly
The Architecture Of Innovation – Greg Satell – Medium
Beyond The Cult Of Human-Centered Design
Future of work
When the current tech talent isn't enough - The Aleph ReportWhen the current tech talent isn't enough - The Aleph Report
The 13 steps to building a cult-like company culture
Internet Culture
Machine Learning Is Messing with My Mojo – Jason Seiden
'Amazon Coin': E-commerce Giant Registers Cryptocurrency Domain Names – CoinSpeaker
EU Government Pegs Blockchain as Beneficiary of €30 Billion Research Fund - CoinDesk
Wake up and smell the Dodo - Chris Skinner's blog
DBS takes the wraps off API platform
Hug an engineer – the key to winning at digital transformation | BankNXT
R3 Unveils Cross-Border Payments Platform Built on Corda DLT Tech - CoinDesk
CIBC Walks From Tapscott's NextBlock Global After Falsehoods Revealed; More Misrepresentations Found
'A Modest Proposal': Vitalik Unveils Multi-Year Vision for Ethereum - CoinDesk
The transformative power of automation in banking | McKinsey & Company
Mapping the blockchain project ecosystem | TechCrunch
What Will Bitcoin Look Like in Twenty Years? – Hacker Noon
What is the difference between Blockchain and Holochain? | P2P Foundation
4,000 jobs to be created in financial services and fintech under MAS blueprint | TODAYonline
BNP Paribas seeks to capitalise on employee intrapreneurship with A...
The Wraith Protocol has been Completed; Official Launch Date: Monday November 6th.
Blockchain Just Became Obsolete. The Future is Hashgraph | Squawker
AI, Robots, Algorythms
Resisting Reduction Designing our Complex Future with Machines
Tech companies pledge to use artificial intelligence responsibly - Axios
Google DeepMind is making artificial intelligence a slave to the algorithm | Letters | Technology | The Guardian
Falling Walls: The Past, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence - Scientific American Blog Network
What is a CapsNet or Capsule Network? – Hacker Noon
True AI is both logically possible and utterly implausible | Aeon Essays
IBM’s private cloud, MIT’s big data improvements, and Google’s new approach to AI
Amazon Is Quietly Building the Robots of Sci-Fi—Piece by Practical Piece
Post Capitalism
Postcapitalism & Beautiful Alternatives: A brief introduction to The Rules | P2P Foundation
Art related
Music is in your brain and your body and your life
The mechanics of history
The Raw Space Experience by Beatie Wolfe
Iceland From Above: Captivating photography series transforms dramatic landscapes into works of art | Creative Boom
Tianjin Binhai Library / MVRDV + Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute | ArchDaily
The Space In-Between: a video interview with Arata Isozaki | Digicult | Digital Art, Design and Culture
The Inspiration Behind Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man
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