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Peter Vander Auwera - Issue #65


Petervan's Delicacies

December 11 · Issue #65 · View online

Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory.

Extended version of Petervan’s Delicacies. Nice harvest this week!

The very best
Google, democracy and the truth about internet search | Technology | The Guardian
Sensual Computing – GHVR – Medium
INBOUND 2016: Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah Keynote - YouTube
10 Hot Consumer Trends 2017 - Ericsson ConsumerLab
Jigsaw Presents: Clay Shirky: "Little Rice" | Talks At Google - YouTube
Searching for Lost Knowledge in the Age of Intelligent Machines - The Atlantic
Connected but unequal: The mechanics of inequality in a networked world
Watch Goings On About Town | Alvin Ailey’s Enduring Vision | The New Yorker Video | CNE
Memes do not matter | The Outline
Data populists must seize our information – for the benefit of us all | Evgeny Morozov | Opinion | The Guardian
A Future of Trusted Advisors: Loyalty to the customer, not customer loyalty - Techonomy
GE integrates Alexa into its first desk lamp
Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like the Sex Pistols
A Map of Modern Brand Building – David J Carr – Medium
From Darkness to Thrivability – Jean M Russell – Medium
Data and Society
Hostile states pose 'fundamental threat' to Europe, says MI6 chief | UK news | The Guardian
Alexa and Google Home Record What You Say. What Happens to Your Data? | WIRED
THE GLASS ROOM | Tactical Technology Collective
Your privacy is under attack from several terrifying new laws
What If a Social Score Determined Your Success? China’s About to Find Out
Scene from an Office, 2017: The A.I. Arrives - Techonomy
Trump Won (2/6): He Hijacked Everyone - YouTube
The Logical Space of Algocracy (Redux)
How People Like You Spend Their Time | FlowingData
Laura Poitras Films The Architecture Of Surveillance—And Projects Films On It, Too | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Project X
Engineering Authoritarianism - Cyborgology
I have only shown that there is the bomb
Is a digital pill the key to in-flight customer service?
The Broken Age – umair haque
We’re set to reach 100% renewable energy — and it’s just the beginning
Scientists Seek to Update Evolution | Quanta Magazine
What Happens When Tech Becomes Self Aware? – NewCo Shift
Burning Man's 2017 theme, announced by Larry Harvey, indicates the festival is becoming more like a religion — Quartz
Burning Man theme is 'radical ritual' for 2017
INBOUND 2016: Rand Fishkin "How To Keep Up With Google" - YouTube
How much should we spread out across future scenarios? | Andart II
The Nikola Motor Company Reveals Its Hydrogen-Fueled Big Rig | Inverse
Nikola Motor Company Unveiling - Official Video - YouTube
In Search Of 'The Entrepreneurial Society'
The Economy’s Hidden Problem: We’re Out of Big Ideas - WSJ
Gigaom | AWS Re:Invent parting thoughts: The post-hybrid technology landscape will be multiplatform
Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes – Kenneth Mikkelsen – Medium
Settling Titan, Schneier’s Law, and scenario thinking | Andart II
Future of work
Understanding The Trump Bump: Forget About Jobs
Amazon Go and the Future of Work – Inside – Medium
Amazon just teased the future of in-store shopping
AWS re:Invent -- Bigger, faster, better? | Computerworld
‘Welcome to the Future: Employment Optional’ says The New York Post
Inside Peter Thiel’s Genius Factory – Backchannel
What's the right structure for a large organisation? - Book of the Future - Book of the Future
Internet Culture
Introducing Gomix – Gomix – Medium
Amazon Go, drone deliveries, and self-driving cars will kill our need to talk to anyone ever — Quartz
The Gadget Apocalypse Is Upon Us - The New York Times
The Illusion of Payment Disruption | Let's Talk Payments
Startup Management » State of Global Blockchain Consortia with Interactive Map
Amazon just opened the door for fintech startups to compete with the likes of Accenture and Capgemini | Business Insider
Blockchain startup R3 expects to close $150M round in first quarter | TechCrunch
Santander InnoVentures Invests in Tradeshift | Let's Talk Payments
Stellar Launches SWIFT-like Blockchain-Backed Money Transfer Network
Blockchain technology as a regulatory technology: From code is law to law is code | Filippi | First Monday
Bussmann Advisory | Blockchain in 2017: From proof to pilot
Big data, intuition, and decision-making in finance - YouTube
AI, Robots, Algorythms
What Stephen Hawking gets right and wrong about ‘the most dangerous time for our planet’ - Vivek Wadhwa
Bernstein: China, robots, and the end of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations - Business Insider
The Brain Tech to Merge Humans and AI Is Already Being Developed
How AI is revolutionising the role of the literary critic | Aeon Essays
9 Artificial Intelligence Stats That Will Blow You Away -- The Motley Fool
Post Capitalism
Crafting a beautiful business - Hack And Craft News : Hack And Craft News
Art related
20 Inspiring Examples of Tape Art That You Must See - noupe
zaha hadid architects open mathematics gallery inside london science museum
The Velvet Underground & Andy Warhol Stage Proto-Punk Performance Art (1966) | Open CultureThe Velvet Underground & Andy Warhol Stage Proto-Punk Performance Art (1966)
Lil Buck at Fondation Louis Vuitton
A Look At The Brilliant, Lesser-Known Art Of Zaha Hadid | Co.Design | business + design
Art Basel – AVC
Incredible Coin Stacking by Japanese Artist - BOOOOOOOM! - CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTSBooooooom
65 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology
How To Mesmerize Your Audience — Public Speaking Tips from Inbound 2016
Trolling My Kids with Google Home - YouTube
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