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Peter Vander Auwera - Issue #47

Extended version of Petervan's Delicacies

Petervan's Delicacies

July 31 · Issue #47 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory. A short 5-item version every week on my blog: Enjoy!

Extended version of Petervan’s Delicacies

The very best
Kevin Kelly: The Next 30 Digital Years - The Long Now
Citizenship in the Era of Nation-as-a-Service — Phase Change — Medium
Weird Crowds, Weird Planet
Building High-Performance Teams—Part 1: Evangelize Collaboration | MAYA Design
Dewey knew how to teach democracy and we must not forget it | Aeon Essays
I Feel, Therefore I Am — Eve Ensler | On Being
Money of the Future – Life.SREDA Fintech Research
6. Overabundance of Disorganized and Unverified Information (search is broken) — Content Curation Official Guide — Medium
Mathematicians Still Years from Verifying Nightmare 500-Page Proof | Motherboard
Data and Society
Individual Identity Rights | FiniCulture
A Famed Hacker Is Grading Thousands of Programs — and May Revolutionize Software in the Process
This Guy Trains Computers to Find Future Criminals
The Internet of Toys raises new privacy and security concerns for families (+video) -
Individual Identity Rights | FiniCulture
If The World is Ending, What’s Beginning? — On Techne — Medium
History tells us what will happen next with Brexit & Trump — Medium
Why we need to move empathy from personal emotion to collective moral concern | Aeon Videos
Fat Thinking and Economies of Variety
Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want: “Eavesdropping” on Your Customers
Is Your Company Ready to Operate as a Market?
Future of work
Games or Rituals? Anthropology inside the company has valuable things to say. | Leandro Herrero
The Office Is Changing
The Scientific Reason Why Coworking May Be The Future Of Work | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Employees Losing Faith With Companies That Don’t Get Digital - Techonomy
Would a Work-Free World Be So Bad? - The Atlantic
Internet Culture
Digital Trends - No Secrets, No Shame: How Technology Forces Honesty - Rushkoff
Life.SREDA VC CEO Decodes This Year’s Trends and Challenges for Fintech
Ethereum And The 'Old Catholics'
The rise and rise of Mexican fintech | FinTech Ranking
​DBS Bank signs AWS to focus on fintech | ZDNet
The Rise of #Fintech Asia - Chris Skinner's blog
FinTech Infographics: The Evolution of FinTech | Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH Infographics: The Evolution of FinTech
DBS took 50 years to get there:  Piyush Gupta
AI, Robots, Algorythms
From Algorithmic Trading To Persoanl Assistants: 41 Startups Bringing AI To Fintech
A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning
Frankenstein’s paperclips | The Economist
Instead of asking, "are robots becoming more human?" we need to ask "are humans becoming more robotic?” — Quartz
The human role in a bot-dominated future | TechCrunch
Post Capitalism
Are We Shifting to a New Post-Capitalist Value Regime?
How ‘Competitiveness’ Became One of the Great Unquestioned Virtues of Contemporary Culture
Art related
The New York-based organization takes us into the genre-blurring artist’s Brooklyn studio
Deep learning algorithm paints smooth-moving works of art
8 digital skills we must teach our children | World Economic Forum
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