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Peter Vander Auwera - Issue #31

Extended version of Petervan's Delicacies

Petervan's Delicacies

March 27 · Issue #31 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory. A short 5-item version every week on my blog: Enjoy!

Extended version of Petervan’s Delicacies

The very best
The Thick of It — Medium
New Technologies as Social Experiments: An Ethical Framework
The Holy Grail of Self-Improvement
Google Hedonics
The Fatal Gap Between Organizational Theory and Organizational Practice — The Future of Work is Now — Medium
Researchers find the tipping point between resilience and collapse in complex systems | news @ Northeastern
A metaphorical model of the mind — The Overlap — Medium
From Adam Smith to Duncan Smith — Mosquito Ridge — Medium
How to Build a Strategic Narrative
David Ogilvy’s 20 unconventional rules for getting clients — Medium
Why Microsoft Should Channel Carl Jung
Data and Society
Beyond surveillance: what could happen if Apple loses to the FBI | Technology | The Guardian
American Big Brother: A Century of Political Surveillance and Repression | Cato Institute
Inside Liam, Apple's super-secret, 29-armed recycling robot
Andrew S. Grove 1936 – 2016 | Intel Newsroom
Hunting What’s Next in High Tech – Andreessen Horowitz
Thoughts on Building Weatherproof Companies – Andreessen Horowitz
How Jeff Bezos Became a Power Beyond Amazon - Fortune
‘Management’ is political campaigning inside. Leadership is winning campaigns | Leandro Herrero
A New Odd Couple: Google, P&G Swap Workers to Spur Innovation - WSJ
The state of growth hacking (Guest post) at andrewchen
Chart: Autonomous Cars Change Every Industry, Even Yours | Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Digital Business
Future of work
When Your Employees Just Don’t Care — Medium
Internet Culture
I need to escape from the planet of the apps | Bella Mackie | Opinion | The Guardian
Facebook is the new Excel | Alex Muir
What Have They Been Smoking at Apple Music? — Backchannel — Medium
Data Wars: The banks awaken |
Despite Talk of Partnerships, Banking Still Fears Fintech
PwC Report: While Fintech Disrupts Banks, the Blockchain Disrupts Fintech | Bitcoin Magazine
How Blockchain can help Public and Private Stock Exchanges? Part 2 | Let's Talk Payments
Announcing Artificial Intelligence (AI) week on Daily Fintech | Daily Fintech
Is old tech putting banks under threat of extinction? - BBC News
Alibaba Group's 3 Trillion RMB Breakthrough
Making Banking as a Platform (BaaP) Happen
World Economic Forum Gears Up for Hands-On Blockchain Research in 2016 - CoinDesk
Hyperledger On the Verge of Merging Blockchain Code from IBM, Digital Asset - CoinDesk
Is There More of ‘Tech’ in FinTech Than There is of ‘Fin’? | Let's Talk Payments
Addressing Disruption In Payments Innovation |
Fintech: from Solid to Plasma
1,000 Bitcoin Wallets Won't Replace One Financial Revolution - CoinDesk
AI, Robots, Algorythms
My Life as a Robot | WIRED
Machines That Will Think and Feel - WSJ
The Race Is On to Control Artificial Intelligence, and Tech’s Future - The New York Times
Machine learning technique boosts lip-reading accuracy | TechCrunch
Explore a massive Google data center in this 360-degree video
How to Make a Bot That Isn't Racist | Motherboard
Post Capitalism
Rocking the Bus
Why Learning To Code Won't Save Your Job | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Art related
Fallow Futures | WdW Review
The Final Opera? — Futurism and the Humanities — Medium
No-Brainers, Deal-Killers and Anomienomics 101
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