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Peter Vander Auwera - Issue #11

Extended version of Petervan's Delicacies. I did not have much time for reading this week. Also no ti

Petervan's Delicacies

September 15 · Issue #11 · View online
Articles/posts that for some reason created a spark in my memory. A short 5-item version every week on my blog: Enjoy!

Extended version of Petervan’s Delicacies. I did not have much time for reading this week. Also no time to cluster these in categories. Hopefully still a good selection and still enjoyable. Onwards !

Birds, Hogs and Human Beings — Medium
Chrome extension replaces 'refugees' with 'humans' (Wired UK)
Why Fintech Is One of the Most Promising Industries of 2015 |
Holacracy vs. Hierarchy vs. Flat Orgs — Holacracy — Medium
“In the beginning there were markets” — Medium
Google reveals plans to increase production of self-driving cars | Technology | The Guardian
The Google Art Heist - The New York Times
A team is not a meeting. The best team is the one that does not need to meet. Almost. | Leandro Herrero
MIT’s Plan To Inspire The Next Generation Of Bitcoin Innovators | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Genomics is about to transform the world – Dawn Field – Aeon
It's Not Technology That Sucks, It's You | Big Think
Wall Street Officially Opens Its Arms to Bitcoin Invaders | WIRED
Some Rambling Notes on the Just-Vanished World — Medium
The End of G.D.P.? - The New Yorker
Banks Need To Take A Lesson from Kanye West, Before The Platform Wars Break Out | Gigaom Research
FLOX: The Future of Teamwork — NOBL Collective — Medium
The web has become a hall of mirrors, filled only with reflections of our data
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