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Hope Street - Issue #9

Welcome back to #HopeStreet, where a blast of summer sun has resulted in a surprising number of us* (
Hope Street - Issue #9
By Barry, Kirsten, Perry • Issue #9 • View online
Welcome back to #HopeStreet, where a blast of summer sun has resulted in a surprising number of us* (*the British public) to abandon faith in the Government’s easing of restrictions; throwing parties, raves, and crowding the beaches.
Despite our well-demonstrated respect for nurses and the low-paid professions being a major positive consequence of the pandemic, we do hope this calculated risk by the Government (and the general public) doesn’t undo the progress we have made to stem the spread of the virus and avoid what feels like the inevitable second wave.
Back on the street, We asked. You answered. We responded. Last week we included a short survey to gather feedback and as a result this week’s issue will focus solely on articles about ’Workplace’ & bring back a welcome return of the tunes! A big thank you to all who took the time to respond and for any in the #coalitionofthehopeful who missed this, we are still here to listen. Feedback here. More developments coming down the pipe to drive up value, so watch this space.
So, in a week that saw Liverpool FC win the league, walking with ’hope in their hearts’ for 30 years, we close off the weekend with a special Happy Gay Pride to our friends and family in the LBGTQ community and with a poignant reminder in our image of the ongoing need to continue building alliances for positive change remains, on so many fronts across our society.
Hope you enjoy the newsletter. Take care, stay safe & do let us know if we can help you share any positive and hopeful stories in future editions.

Photo by jenni.heller. Pride flag.
Photo by jenni.heller. Pride flag.
Love, Hope & Music!
Hope Street #9, a playlist by Perry Timms.
Friends of the #CoalitionoftheHopeful
Massive gratitude to all those that have helped support and push the newsletter, especially Matt Manners, Yulia O'Mahony, Martyn Redstone, Jeremy Blain, Joanna Suvarna, Damian W, Tim Baker, Dave Milner, BraveGoose, Neil Usher, Michelle Reid, Sharon Green. Isabel Collins, Chris Kane, Matt Davies, Jeremy Russon, Gethin Nadin, Andy Campbell, Alex Killick, Neil Harrison, Kate Graham, Frank Douglas & Ben Gledhill.
Elsewhere a big well done to Matt Manners, whose movement has launched Inspiring Leaders 2020 to shine a spotlight on and recognize those individuals and organisations that have and will continue to steer us through stormy waters. Nominate here.
Why Resilient Teams Are Founded on Good Connections
Leading Your Workplace With Hope Through COVID-19
Project Implicit - Taking the bias test.
Making Distributed Teams Work: 5 Levels of Autonomous Organizations
Introducing the Buurtzorg Model
Take the ZSA Zero Suicide Alliance training
COVID-19, Uber, and the unravelling logics of the gig economy
4 lessons for the future of lifelong learning
HR needs to get up to speed with the business
The New, COVID-Changed World of Employee Communications
Work from home advocates beckon us to a living hell
Gender parity: it's not rocket science
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Cutting through a lot of noise on the street, we spotted several things of value you may find useful in the week ahead:
  • From the ‘In Conversation with Q5’ series comes: “Location, Location, Location – The Future of the Office” at 9:15am, on Thursday 2nd July. Register here.
  • The first “Women in IT Virtual Summit”, with over 25 brillant speakers, takes place between 30th June and 2nd July. Register here.
  • The excellent folk at Fosway have some great webinars coming up. This one caught the eye - “L&D 2021: Getting L&D fit for the future – advice from the frontline” on Friday July 17th at 10am. Register here.
  • The brillant John Amaechi, has partnered with @bbcbitesize (parents of the lockdown will be very familiar with them!) with a short video helping children understand the important difference between #nonracist and #antiracist. Watch it here.
  • And finally, here’s a series of excellent podcasts from Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic on the future of work with a lens of distributed working. Access his brillant back catalogue here.
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In the meantime, Stay safe and take care.
Barry, Perry, Kirsten & Alessia
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Barry, Kirsten, Perry

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