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Hope Street - Issue #8

Welcome back and we hope everyone is in the best of spirits. Frankly, if you are still standing, made
Hope Street - Issue #8
By Barry, Kirsten, Perry • Issue #8 • View online
Welcome back and we hope everyone is in the best of spirits. Frankly, if you are still standing, made your hair look less like a burst sofa and if you have not sold the kids, then that’s the kind of success that we here want to celebrate! Everything else is a ‘Brucie bonus’.
For 8 weeks, as an editorial team, we’ve been drawing assumptions and looking at the data whilst stroking our chin, keen to ensure you as the #coalitionofthehopeful get maximum value from the newsletter content. So, this week, we’ve included a brief survey to get your thoughts and have ensured it’s quicker and smoother than the first pint at a socially distanced pub in July! Please do help us bring you even more value by giving us feedback here.
So, as well as great content, we continue to highlight great work on the street that deserves to be amplified. We’re into a phase where new and better action really needs to speak louder than words, whether that’s making #BLM the last reminder, kickstarting our economies with ‘good work’, doing better than just gaming the furlough rules, moving quicker to solve the education gap that has opened up and being proactive in the face of the forthcoming mental health crisis that will hit us. There are no shortage of problems to solve and an abundance of talent here on #HopeStreet and beyond to solve it.
Stay hopeful folks and remember, you’re one of the good 'uns.
Never forget that!

Comic-con - makeworkbetter.
Comic-con - makeworkbetter.
Word on the Street
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Friends of the #CoalitionoftheHopeful
Over the last week we’ve seen more names added to Lars Schmidts’ list of ’Black voices in HR’ and seen the good work of Joanna Survana’s Be The Ripple movement spread further. Two great initaitives.
On Hope Street, we’re beyond engagement and into community activism. So, this week, our friend Matt Manners of The Employee Engagement Awards and Employee Engagement Alliance has created community around them and have now readied themselves for a big event and a big announcement.
A charitable and donation-based event Work-a-palooza kicks off at 5 pm BST on the 22nd June and registration and consumption is free here.
Broadway performances fused with a rock band and other musical performances bring melodic respite to our lives; so instead of our playlist this week, we’ll support Matt and his team’s curation of live performances direct to your screens.Thanks Matt, for arranging some live aid in amongst all the canned repeats on the tele.
And finally for now, hat tips to two big hitters. Firstly, Headspace for giving away their product to the unemployed free for a year - (Get it here) and secondly, Coursera’s new Workforce Recovery Initiative gives unemployed workers free access to 90% of its online course catalog. Find out more here.
What work can learn from Comic Con - Make Work Better
PwC US CFO Pulse Survey
The Futures of Work: Fixed vs Fluid
Leadership after Covid-19: Building Bridges to the Future
The Operating System Canvas
New Chicago Office Building Is One Of The First In The U.S. Designed For Post COVID-19 Environment
After coronavirus: how seasonal migration and empty centres might change our cities
'We've missed it': Long lines form outside shops in England
The post-Covid-19 customer experience: the reawakening of digital
Three ways to be happier...even in the middle of a pandemic
COVID-19 and the student experience
Being a student during COVID-19
Design Education’s Big Gap: Understanding the Role of Power
The Stock Market Is Currently Facing the Iceberg Illusion
Who’s losing income during the pandemic?
Good Riddance to the Traditional IPO Roadshow
Listen here
Cutting through a lot of noise on the street, we spotted several things of value you may find useful in the week ahead:
  • The team at FLOCK have a Webinar on June 25th at 930am, entitled “accelerating culture change during COVID19” with Jeremy Blain - an author of an upcoming book ‘Inner CEO’ on the best cultural transformation practices - register here.
  • Tim Baker, Partner at Wilton & Bain, is hosting a webinbar on “Race & under-representation” on 23rd June at 4.30pm, with special guests Frank Douglas, CEO of Caerus Consulting, and Sereena Abbassi, Worldwide Head of Culture & Inclusion at M&C Saatchi Group. Register here.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise are hosting a terrific free to access, digital conference on the 23rd June where 100+ business and technology leaders share their stories and strategies to build for the future. Register here.
  • Simon Cohen at Condeco & Monika Passey at Oktra are running a webinar called: “What function will our office workspace perform in the post-COVID-19 world?” on the 23rd June at 4pm. Register here.
  • And finally, on Thursday 25th at 12pm, the Culture Amp team have Yulia O’Mahony (previously Head of D&I & Wellbeing at John Lewis) on, discussing “rethinking organisational culture & wellbeing in a post-covid workplace”. Register here.
That's the NOW but what NEXT?
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In the meantime, Stay safe and take care.
Barry, Perry & Kirsten.
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Barry, Kirsten, Perry

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