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Hope Street - Issue #7

Welcome back one and all, to our refuge of sanity and hope in a world that seems to be on fire this w
Hope Street - Issue #7
By Barry, Kirsten, Perry • Issue #7 • View online
Welcome back one and all, to our refuge of sanity and hope in a world that seems to be on fire this week. #BlackLivesMatter rightfully dominates still, where there’s been an uncontrollable turn to statues and monuments globally, prompting an inevitable reactionary response in its wake. Feels like everyone just needs to step back and pause as it’s all limbs, screaming and spray cans at the moment. In there, is a good debate about the society we want going forward that unites rather than divides.
Of course the global pandemic can equally feel like a battle between those with a focus on minimising the dreadful death-toll and those with a desire to break free from lockdown and get the economy open. There too, beyond the immediate need to survive, is a debate we, at the #coalitionofthehopeful, have been encouraging since we kicked off seven weeks ago – how can we use the opportunity to re-examine and reframe our workplaces, workspaces, education, economy and globe for the better?
So this week we want to highlight the acts of good people out there doing good things, provide content that makes us think and act positively and bring you music to put a smile on your face, for as the great man Bob Marley once said:
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Stay safe and stay hopeful!

Music inspiring hope: Rock Against Racism, 1979.
Music inspiring hope: Rock Against Racism, 1979.
Love Music, Hate Racism!
A special Hope Street playlist by Perry Timms on Spotify
Friends of the #CoalitionoftheHopeful
A huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give us a shout out on social - massively appreciated.
On #Hope Street, we have terrific people doing terrific things all the time, like Joanna Suvarna, who has started the ‘Be The Ripple’ movement to help create better workplaces. It’s a collaborative community of kindness, operating across sectors to pool resources, share ideas & best practices and develop effective strategies. Check it and get involved.
A good friend of the site in the States, Lars Schmidt, has produced a resource to help amplify black voices in HR. Take a look, help him develop the list and let’s all be more mindful and sensitive to the habit of propping up manels. Challenge the conference sector to be more diverse!
The White House put up a wall. The people ‘made it beautiful.’
One Black employee’s answer to “How can I help?”
Why your #BlackLivesMatter response falls short
Post-Pandemic-Proof Your Business: Prepare for “Reboarding”
8 ideas for a new social contract for good work
The coronavirus will reshape how we build offices—and where we build community
4 Surprising Silver Linings to COVID-19
3 reasons why civil society is essential to COVID-19 recovery
The future of the welfare state after Coronavirus
The Global Economic Outlook During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Changed World
6 experts on how capitalism will emerge after COVID-19
Education is the bedrock of a just society in the post-COVID world
5 Hot New-Collar Job Skills For A Post-COVID-19 World
How digital entrepreneurs will help shape the world after the COVID-19 pandemic
Listen Here
Cutting through a lot of noise on the street, we spotted several things of value you may find useful.
Fortune’s podcast brought together Dr. Erin Thomas and Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins on “how businesses can keep the anti-racist momentum going”. Listen to it here.
Before running headlong into the issue of “Unconscious Bias Training” as a response to #BLM, watch sometimes controversial Jordan Peterson dismantle its impact here.
Coming up on the 16th June at 6pm GMT, there’s “Make better decisions and engage all of your talent” by Chapman & Co Leadership Institute. Register here.
And finally, here’s a great discussion between Jess Von Bank & Jason Averbrook around adapting to #Digital during and after COVID19. Listen to the replay here.
That's the NOW but what NEXT?
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Stay safe and take care.
Barry, Perry & Kirsten.
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