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Hope Street - Issue #5

Welcome back! It's Week #5 and our greatest hope here is that you and yours are safe and sane! Howeve
Hope Street - Issue #5
By Barry, Kirsten, Perry • Issue #5 • View online
Welcome back! It’s Week #5 and our greatest hope here is that you and yours are safe and sane! However, like us, are you getting a bit tired of the lazy narrative out there? Do you feel we are being drowned in simple mantras to solve longstanding, complex problems? This ‘new normal’ trope, for example, needs binned. Before COVID19 we lived with a series of patterns, habits and beliefs that were in desperate need of being altered once and for all. This current crisis has just amplified their uselessness for all to see and sadly flagged the fact that the fallout will hit those already worse off by them.
However, strange things are happening. From Conservative Governments embracing state intervention to sceptical employers forced into alternative working patterns, if we can move to the next phase by disregarding the 2008 austerity playbook, then we can maybe help embrace hopeful and positive change for the better. We aren’t short of problems to solve and there’s a lot of good people lining up to contribute.
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Enjoy it and remember, despite the sense of overwhelming dread the headline makers throw at us, as Andy from ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ once said (in your very best Tim Robbins voice):
Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

The Post-normal Future of Work
Understanding 21st century work – agile Organisations, 21st century agile
Casting a spell on the future of work and workplaces
The Simplicity Principle and why six is the perfect number for better management
Returning to work in the future of work Embracing purpose, potential, perspective, and possibility during COVID-19
How lockdown is changing shopping for good
5 Ways The Coronavirus Will Affect Airline Frequent Flier Programs
COVID Response Center
A new timetable for school
‘Unschooling’ Isn’t The Answer To Education Woes— It’s The Problem
WorkerTech: how new platforms support independent workers
Listen here.
Cutting through a lot of noise on the street, we spotted several things of value you may find useful.
There’s the excellent Professor Gary Hamel webinar: ‘Humanocracy: Creating Organisations as Amazing as the People Inside them’ on Tuesday 2nd June. Register free here.
LinkedIn run exceedingly good conferences and they have a “New World of Work” event coming up on Thursday June 4th. Register here.
Finally a great share from #HopeStreet resident Chris Kane, here’s Anthony Slumbers at SIOR, with a webinar called “Old work is leaving the building–The Future of the Office”. 25 entertaining and insightful minutes - Watch it here.
That’s the NOW but what NEXT?
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Stay safe and take care.
Barry, Perry & Kirsten.
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Barry, Kirsten, Perry

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