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Hope Street - Issue #14

Hello Hope Street residents, & welcome to issue #14! We’re now into August and I’m hoping that th
Hope Street - Issue #14
By Barry, Kirsten, Perry • Issue #14 • View online
Hello Hope Street residents, & welcome to issue #14! We’re now into August and I’m hoping that this is the nudge for all of you to take stock of your health and take time out, if you can. There’s work to be done but personal health comes first!
It was a week where some of us made it away (ed - holds up sunburnt hand), some of us got hauled back home early by the travel operators and some of us have opted for hedonism over health by packing out the local beaches, despite the arrival of the new ‘hands, face and space’ public announcement. It hasn’t gone away folks and whilst the forward planning of millions of vaccines is great positive, headline fodder, the regional lockdowns, restrictions delays and the balancing act with a precarious economy are reminders of the impact on us all for some time. Stay safe as always!
So, on the upside, Siemens delivered a masterclass in emotional intelligence with a bold approach on how to organise its work in the face of the pandemic. It has been transforming positively for some time (check it out!) but history tells us this is what produces a hopeful response from the long tail of slow adopters everywhere, so it will be interesting to see how this develops globally. Anyway, if you are feeling sentimental about the office in lockdown, then download this wonderful site called the sound of colleagues to recapture all those long-lost ambient noises.
Right, content below to provoke, inspire and tingle your senses, including turning hope into action, challenging the koolaid version of distributed working and much more. Last words go to Hope Street heroes of the week, Siemens, who said of their transformation:
The focus on outcomes combined with emotional intelligence allows them flexibility to discover which way works best for people AND Siemens
Bravo. Out of the chaos, there is always hope!

Hope lights up over the Swiss Alps
Hope lights up over the Swiss Alps
Friends of the #CoalitionoftheHopeful
Huge thanks to those in our community who have helped spread the word this week. Dan Sodergen, Stella Collins, Alex Killick, Matt Manners, BeTheRipple, Joanna Survana, Michelle Reid, Louisa Scanlon, Isabel Collins, Miss HR, Louise Gilbert, C&C HR, HR Curator, Crystal Castillo, Jenny Streeter, Mariska Van Ijzerloo, Neil Usher, Ian Rhys, Lara Plaxton, Marian Cheney, Steve Browne, Rob Baker, Wellbeing Kemp, Q5, Bruce Daisley and the magnificent Martyn Redstone amongst many out there. We’re very grateful for your efforts!
First up, the good folk at My Confidence Matters are looking for volunteers and we’d love to help them. Their survey (which takes 10 minutes) looks at the opportunities and lessons learnt from COVID-19 and what makes a great gender balanced workplace. We would like to help them to reach their goal of surveying 1,500 people (men and women) that have worked remotely over the past few months. Take the survey here and thanks in advance.
Lastly, we would be doing our community an injustice if we were not to mention the upcoming launch of Perry’s second book. “The Energized Workplace” has already received a resounding review from People Management Magazine and as Perry says, “Overall, you write a book to help people and I hope this does help people design organisations where their fellow humans flourish”. Expect writing with immense detail and real heart, as Perry discusses human energy in the workplace, ways to address burnout and even Chakras. You can preorder, however if you cannot wait until the 13th August, we have a signed copy up for grabs to a Hope Street resident (who will be selected at random) for answering this question correctly: “Who was the singer featured in Perry’s TEDx talk, whose story is subsequently mentioned in the book?” Send your answers to Good luck!
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Listen Here
Maybe as August looms and the traditional holiday season kicks in, the invites to webinars and virtual events are rising ! We aim to cut through the noise and select what we believe are events not to be missed in the coming weeks; and others that may have slipped through the net from the week prior.
  • The folk at Nowcomm have had the foresight and taste to have our own Perry Timms, along with Jane Frankland feature with 3 insightful masterclasses on how to understand the importance of culture and operations in reducing your organisations risk, in today’s digital world. Register here.
  • A terrific talk from mercurial New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell, on his new book will be well worth a listen next Tuesday, 4 Aug at 18:30. Tickets cost is minimal and you book here.
  • Gareth Jones, CEO of Headstart, is one of those forces of nature on the HR Tech space and a great friend of Hope Street that you have to listen to. He doesn’t let us down here with an interview that charts both a fascinating business and Gareth’s great insights. Access the transcript here.
  • We’re hitting a wall out there in terms of mental health folks and we’re glad to highlight a webinar on 4th August entitled “From Zero to Hero – how to get your managers to support wellbeing” featuring our old friends at Clear Review, also Dan Proctor of Waltham Forest and Ally Illsley of BT. Register here.
  • Entrepreneur Azeem Azhar, creator of the Exponential View newsletter and podcast, speaks about Covid-19’s impact on surveillance, the role of the smartphone in contemporary society, and the emergence of “climate tech” companies. Great listen. Access it here.
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In the meantime, Stay safe, keep learning, be hopeful.
Barry, Perry, Kirsten & Alessia
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