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Hope Street - Issue #13

A warm welcome to our resident readers at #HopeStreet. An even warmer welcome from the lucky member o
Hope Street - Issue #13
By Barry, Kirsten, Perry • Issue #13 • View online
A warm welcome to our resident readers at #HopeStreet. An even warmer welcome from the lucky member of our team who is currently sunning himself in glorious Greece! The word on the street is that we (the British Public) are booking holidays; whether they be staycations, or to countries further afield. Dare I say we are experiencing a ‘new normal’, or should I say 'rhythm’ (is there such a state as 'normal’?). A rhythm where we can go on our summer holidays, where we can enjoy a socially distanced beer in a pub, where our kids aren’t driving us a little stir crazy with home-schooling requirements, and where face coverings are mandatory.
In England, we can now frequent gyms and indoor centres for recreational activities. The link between physical exercise and mental health is long proven; and it is the latter which we have seen addressed in the media this week. There has been a stark increase in call-ins to mental health charities and agencies. Sincerest thanks to those out there doing good by supporting those who are vulnerable, for example volunteers for the Samaritans.
In other news, looking at the world of work, this week appears to have been a week for opinion polls! The aspirational B Corp - who advocate business as a force for good - published results “outlining attitudes towards our current economic system, and the role of business in addressing our profound economic, societal and planetary challenges”. Check out the radically refreshing results here.
You will see findings from other polls throughout this issue, as well as some of the best articles out there on diversity and inclusion, establishing a norm that is anti-silos, why we must bust bureaucracy, how coronavirus has transformed innovation, and why 2020 is the year of HR; to name but a few…
Number thirteen, unlucky for some, so goes the old superstition. We don’t so much believe in bad luck, but rather that we can forge our own moods, experiences and outcomes. As we enjoy travelling and socialising in a world somewhat more uncertain than ever, please remember folks, stay safe, and remain positive. The rhythm of life is a powerful beat, after all…

Social distancing? Tourists in China this week.
Social distancing? Tourists in China this week.
Friends of the #CoalitionoftheHopeful
Huge thanks to those in our community who have spoken out this week to share the word; Martyn Redstone, Tom Haak, Salma Shah, George LaRocque, Syreeta Brown, Eric Solomon, David Aguado, Jacob Sten Madsen, Tom Waddell, Rebecca Shannon, Q5, Andrew Munro, Ben Gledhill, Lara Plaxton, Karen Gilmore, BeTheRipple, Selena Govier, and PTHR.
Curiosity killed the cat, but it has not done us at Hope Street any harm (yet). Our curiosity had us asking you via Twitter “Has the easing of lockdown made you more or less hopeful about things?” The results are in and whilst almost a third (30.8%) of you cup-half-full-folks declared you were “still an optimist”, the highest number of respondents said they felt “less” hopeful (38.5%). Come on fellow residents, there is good in this world! Thank you to all those who took the time to poll.
Speaking of people doing good out there, we would like to bring your attention to our friend Will Easton, who is undertaking an excellently ambitious ethnographic study into the question of “What is Contentment?”. Will is looking for participants to submit a couple of photos, that they have taken and believe captures what “contentment” means to them. The images can be accompanied by words, but do not have to be. Please submit images to or get in touch via this contact for more information.
How to maximise your impact when calling out racial injustice at work
Quarter of women asked to dress more provocatively for video meetings
Culture Fit is a Lie
The Moral Case for Busting Bureaucracy
Why 2020 Is The 'Year Of HR': A Conversation With Josh Bersin
The Implications of Working Without an Office
Leading with empathy, kindness and accountability
The Cost of Organisational Silos
Working through it – How long will this feeling last?
How to get L&D out of the box marked 'cost centre'
The battle against Zoomocracy
People Analytics Strategy Assessment Tool
It’s 2022. What Does Life Look Like?
The brain builds its sense of self from the people around us
How The Coronavirus Is Transforming Innovation
Listen Here
As the queues on the street to get into our local supermarket seem to be decreasing, the invites to webinars and virtual events are still on the up! We aim to cypher through the noise and select what we believe are events not to be missed in the coming week; and events that may have slipped through the net from the week prior.
  • Tune in to Linkedin Live on Monday 27th July at 8.00am GMT to join the fantastically warm and energetic Kirsty Mac, for a discussion with Cat Paterson on profiling. You can join via Kirsty’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Have decades of rising prosperity allowed people to substitute work for more leisure time? How have time use trends differed by gender and income level? And will the pandemic herald a step change in the way we work, care and play? Following a 12-month investigation into time use, supported by Trust for London, the Resolution Foundation is hosting an interactive webinar to debate and answer these questions. Register here to listen on Tuesday 28th July, 11.00am GMT.
  • Join Degreed’s CLO Kelly Palmer, on Wednesday 29th July, 6.30pm GMT, as she provides a new, 7-step framework for creating the work experiences that will help companies and individuals thrive in re-skilling efforts… a webinar with a very worthy subject matter. Register here folks.
  • From last week, be sure to check out this podcast by Jason Averbrook: talent development is nuanced, with career “engagers,” motivators, individual values, and skill gaps of each employee determining potential career opportunities. So how can it be scaled for an entire workforce? You democratize it, says Anne Fulton, CEO and Co-founder of Fuel50. Worth the 43 minute listen, for sure.
  • And in case you missed this, listen here to a brilliant @TEDTalks from @SusanDavid_PhD about emotions in the midst of a pandemic. Susan explores the importance of being compassionate to yourself, and being intentional about what you can and cannot control.
  • Results from a poll by Perry on office and virtual based working had some interesting results (results that we at Hope Street are in favour of, may we add). Check these out here.
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In the meantime, Stay safe, keep learning, be hopeful.
Barry, Perry, Kirsten & Alessia
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