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Hope Street - Issue #12

Hello Hope Street residents, & welcome to issue #12! We sincerely hope that every one of you, in
Hope Street - Issue #12
By Barry, Kirsten, Perry • Issue #12 • View online
Hello Hope Street residents, & welcome to issue #12! We sincerely hope that every one of you, in our growing community of optimists, are keeping fit, safe and healthy.
In the news this week, it appears that despite the opening up of bars and restaurants, the majority of people are staying away through a mixture of health concerns and the impending sound of an imminent recession on the cards. It’s not our style to go where the doomsayers go, so hats off instead to big corporate players such as Primark, the Kier Group, Lang O’Rourke and many others who relinquished their right to their job retention bonus. With many big problems to solve, the exchequer needs every bit of help it can get.
So plenty of relevant, upbeat and hopeful commentary this week, with a focus on what the ‘minimum office’ means to us, a callout to the shift in recognising the need for both emotional intelligence and empathy across our organisations and in Society, we ask you to consider, ‘have you wasted your crisis?’ This relates to the question we put to our community this week: Has the easing of lockdown made you more or less hopeful about things?. We shall reveal our findings in issue 13.
We close with the wise words of our good friend Andy Spence, who reminds us of the central mission of what Hope Street is about:
We now have the technology, capability, finance, talent and burning need to build amazing new organisations. We need to ditch some of the old ways, reinvent some others and off we go.

A leader of the future taking inspiration from the past?
A leader of the future taking inspiration from the past?
Friends of the #CoalitionoftheHopeful
The sincerest of thanks goes to our readers; you, our community. Thanks to those who joined us in week one, and to those who have only recently joined us on our optimistic street! Gratitude to the following folks who have shouted out about us on social media this week; Steve Browne, Nebel Crowhurst, Rob Baker, Julia Smith, David James, Erik van Vulpen, Janice Fraser, Isabel Collins, Q5, Matt Manners, Neil Usher, Catalina Cantaloru, BetheRipple, Alex Killick. Andrew Munro, Julian John, Eleanor Elliott and the HR Curator, Dave Milner. A massive thanks one and all!
Elsewhere, our good friends at HR Zone have launched ’Culture Pioneers’, to champion the achievements of those who adapting their culture to drive positive change during the pandemic. That is right up our street and we think you should get involved here.
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Beyond HR KPIs: Strategic Metrics for Organizational Development
7 steps to better work
Quarter 2 2020 Global HR Tech VC Update
Returning to pre-corona ‘normal’ is madness. We can’t let it happen
Did you waste your crisis?
Will COVID-19 force the aid sector to change?
Listen Here
Cutting through a lot of the noise out there, you’ll be interested in the following events, webinars and podcasts, jam-packed full of positive and hopeful vibes from a wide-range of experts across the tribes. All are free to attend, watch or listen to!
  • Ben Yeoh looks at Sustainability in “A guide to saving the world” which takes place on Thursday 23rd at 5.00pm (BST). Tune in if you want to understand how we can truly do better.
  • “Discover the skills you need to prepare for the future of work” with expert Somi Arian. This webinar is the next in Kogan Page’s Off The Page series. Taking place on Tuesday 21st July at 12.30pm (BST) it will look at the current situation we face, what this may mean for your career and ultimately, how you can prepare to succeed. Join here.
  • JLL put on a cracking webinar called “From survival to Revival:The Office Re-imagined” where CRE expert Gonzola Portellano and CRE Futurist Dror Poleg discuss the intersection of the future of work and space. Watch back here.
  • The Business Transformation Network brings you another positivity-filled virtual event in its ‘Adapt and Thrive’ series, featuring practitioners from the frontline and this next one features the terrific Syreeta Brown. Sign up here.
  • The Culture Amp EMEA people geeks have a cracking geekup coming your way entitled “How COVID-19 has created positive new trends” on Wednesday, July 22nd from 9:30am - 11:00am BST. Register here.
  • And finally, all-round good guy David Green at myHRfuture spoke with Amy Edmondson at the Harvard Business School about the important topic of creating psychological safety at work. Listen here.
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In the meantime, Stay safe, keep learning, be hopeful.
Barry, Perry, Kirsten & Alessia
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Barry, Kirsten, Perry

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