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Hope Street - Issue #11

Hello, Hope Street residents, welcome to issue #11! Well, where has the time gone? A question we all
Hope Street - Issue #11
By Barry, Kirsten, Perry • Issue #11 • View online
Hello, Hope Street residents, welcome to issue #11! Well, where has the time gone? A question we all ask as our lives have turned into Jim Carrey in The Truman show, living within a world of about 3 square miles. But this week it all felt a bit different as the UK PM changed his tone from a warm and caring “stay at home if you can..” to a more accusatory “go back to work if you can..”, leaving us all feeling that we actually exist in that neverland between battling an existential threat with a longing for the return of our personal freedoms, as imperfect as many of these were back in March.
It’s been a week also where we saw the power of the corporate world take on Big Tech (in this case Unilever and Coca Cola Facebook ad boycotts). Maybe Company execs are filling in, not perfectly, the moral vacuum where we would normally expect to find our political leaders? We have an article on the changing leadership style this week that covers this very issue, plus many more to whet your appetite.
So, like modern day Truman Burbanks, we hope you embark on your adventure this week, masked up in public, feeling more hopeful about the future and remaining a safe distance, for the sake of the vulnerable and the heroes in the NHS! Oh, and one last thing:
“Cue the sun!”

Face coverings become fashionable; from the high street to designer brands.
Face coverings become fashionable; from the high street to designer brands.
Friends of the #CoalitionoftheHopeful
A neighbourly big thank you to the following Hope Street residents who have talked about what was happening on the street last week: Matt Manners, Dr Jacqueline Conway, Ben Gledhill, Neil Usher, Yulia O'Mahony, Désirée Tennant, Elene Ghelaghutashvili, Janet Hill CBE, Digidesk, HR Curator, Tony Delvita, Ann John, John CO Asugo, Garry Turner, Siobhan Sheridan, Q5, Kate Graham, Martyn Redstone, Clair Bush, Selena Govier and many more. The community grows and we couldn’t do that without you.
Elsewhere, the excellent Steve Browne, international HR good guy and an absolute beacon of hope and kindness in the USA, has a new book out. Pre-order it here.
And finally, a not-so-subtle congratulations to our very own Barry and Perry, both who this week were listed in HR’s Top 100 Influencers of 2020 by Engagedly. A great accolade to two very humble chaps!
Black people matter. Black rights matter. Black lives matter.
Why helping staff craft their own purpose is more crucial than ever
What is "Rewarding Work"
Using the Five Ways to Wellbeing to support our transition back into the workplace
7 HR Data Sets for People Analytics
Will the Pandemic Reshape Notions of Female Leadership?
How to create a post-pandemic social contract | HRZone
Know your Domain — The Cynefin Framework
Can online training replace face-to-face? Lessons from a global pilot in forty countries
10 Types of Innovation: The Art of Discovering a Breakthrough Product
A Complex World Worth Creating
Working Parents, Your Family Needs a “Board of Directors”
The IFF World System Model
Listen Here
Cutting through a lot of the noise out there, we have found the following upcoming events and resources for your perusal. All are free to attend, watch or listen to!
  • Azeem Azhar of the excellent Exponential View alerted us to this - a terrific discussion with Harvard Business School professor Rebecca Henderson on ways businesses can act to reform capitalism. Listen to it here.
  • Josh Bersin is back with a video on - HR in the age of AI. One of the more responsive and useful ‘thought leaders’ during the pandemic, whilst others are cliched or silent. JB’s Academy is giving us the chance to not only hear snappy soundbites from CHROs and VPs of People from a mega-enterprise, this learning programme is a case study-based dive into HR’s opportunity for intelligence-led transformation of work : Artificial/Machine and Human/Analytical Intelligence fuelled by data. Watch it here.
  • The world of L&D has many hidden gems and here David James is one of them. On his Learning and Development podcast, David chats with a good friend to Hope Street’s Perry in the guise of former Virgin, River Island now Roche’s Nebel Crowhurst. Listen here.
  • We’ve been itching to feature Dr Amy Bradley for some time and here she doesn’t disappoint. Here she talks in the Love in Action series about the Human moment we are now facing. Terrific stuff. Listen to it here.
  • For most of us, virtual working has become the norm. Next week, during the 'Virtual Working Summit’, there will be five different 30-40 interviews, one day; featuring inspirational leaders Dr Penny Pullan, Graeme Codrington, Jacqui Harper, Dr Lynda Shaw, and our very own Perry. Register here.
  • And finally, for those of you who may have missed the brilliant ’Leading through a pandemic’ series by the London Business School, these can still be accessed for free here so you can view at your own convenience.
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In the meantime, Stay safe, keep learning, be hopeful.
Barry, Perry, Kirsten & Alessia
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