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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter Issue #38 - OP as Collateral, Pool Party Rewards Update & more

Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Perpetual Protocol Newsletter Issue #38 - OP as Collateral, Pool Party Rewards Update & more
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #38 • View online
Hi everyone,
Two weeks have passed which means a new issue of our newsletter is right in your inbox. We have added $OP as a new collateral and updated the rewards of our Pool Party Initiative. Read on below to find out more about those changes as well as what we’ll be working on for the next two weeks.

Highlights from the last development sprint
🛠️ Product
1. $OP as Collateral
Perpetual Protocol (✨🔴_🔴✨)

The wait is over!

We're excited to announce that $OP has been listed as collateral🔴✨

$OP holders can now maintain exposure to @optimismFND's native token while trading perps with up to 10x leverage on-chain at
2. Pool Party Rewards Update
We have updated the Pool Party rewards from August 28th onwards as follows:
  • ETH market: 27k $OP & $PERP per week
  • BTC, BNB, AAVE, FLOW & PERP markets: remain at 5k $OP & $PERP per week
  • All other markets: reduced to 3k $OP & $PERP per week
The first distribution following the new rewards structure took place on Monday, September 5th. The rewards can be claimed here every Monday. Learn more about the Pool Party Initiative in our article.
Pool Party: Liquidity Mining in OP Summer — Perpetual Protocol 🥨
3. Biconomy Bridge Feature
Perpetual Protocol (✨🔴_🔴✨)
Onboarding to Perp v2 just got even easier!

Simply bridge USDC with Hyphen and check the 𝗚𝗘𝗧 𝗚𝗔𝗦 𝗧𝗢𝗞𝗘𝗡 𝗢𝗡 𝗗𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗜𝗡𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡? option to receive USDC and some ETH.

No need to bridge ETH separately!
🤝 Marketing & Partnerships
1. Lens Protocol Explained
Perpetual Protocol (✨🔴_🔴✨)
Want a sneak peek of the future of social networks?👀🌿

Our senior software engineer @philipchenalive provides a thorough overview of the @LensProtocol, which is now available on our YouTube and @lenstubexyz channels👇
2. Twitter Spaces with Diamond Protocol & Contango
We did host not only one but two Twitter Spaces in the last sprint! In the first one, we chatted with Diamond Protocol, who has built a Cash & Carry strategy vault on top of Perpetual Protocol v2. Listen to the recording here for some alpha leaks. In the second one we were joined by Contango, a new player in the DEX space introducing expirable futures. Listen in here.  
To-dos in this development sprint
🛠️ Product
1. Something’s Coming 👀
2. App UI Updates
Our design team is working on further improving the UI with some highly anticipated features, like live stats, TradingView charting tools and PnL sharing to show off your wins (or losses). Join the Community Call on Wednesday, September 7th, for a sneak peek!
🤝 Marketing & Partnerships
1. Perp Interactive
Our new weekly session about all things Perp is going into the sixth round. No matter if you’re new to Perpetual Protocol or one of our long-time community members - join us on Thursdays for an interactive session. Please register here.
2. Twitter Space with Frax & Ribbon 
For next week we have invited Frax Finance & Ribbon Finance to chat about veTokenomics and our upcoming release. Date and time will be announced shortly.
Team & Ecosystem Updates
1. Product Stats Update
2. Galleon GIP-6 Proposal
Galleon DAO has proposed to launch a 3x ETH Dynamic Leverage Index, providing 3x exposure to ETH, powered by Perp v2. The proposal is now up for voting. Due to their Optimistic Governance all those in favor are not required to do anything.
3. Community Call #34
As usual, we will host a Community Call this Wednesday, September 7th, to bring you up to speed on the latest and future updates. Join the English Community Call at 1pm UTC live on Youtube
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