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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #25

Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #25
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #25 • View online
Hi everyone!
Next to new market listings accompanied by giveaways and campaigns, open source has been a top focus in our last sprint. As transparency and composability are core values to us, we have made the Curie Contract Codebase, Perp Subgraph and Perp Frontend SDK publicly available on Github.

Highlights from the last development sprint
🛠️ Engineering
1. New Markets
We did it again - during the last sprint we deployed three more markets: $FTM, $FLOW and $BNB. You can now trade and provide liquidity for 14 markets in total! Try it out on our platform.
2. Multi-collateral
After extensive research, we are in the midst of testing multi-collateral on Optimism Kovan. As the next step, we are preparing for an audit of the feature by Hashcloak. If you’re new here, by implementing multi-collateral you will be able to add other tokens than USDC as collateral on the platform. We will let you know when it launches.
3. Open Source Contract Codebase & Perp Subgraph
The contract source code has moved from Etherscan to GitHub and is now better structured and easier to read. If you are a smart contract developer, check out the repository links to Curie, Curie Periphery and Oracle contracts and get started with building on top of Perp v2 or partake in the bug bounty program with ImmuneFi. As well as the Contract Codebase, the Perp Curie Subgraph also has been open sourced and is now publicly available on Github.
💻 Web
1. Open Source Perp Frontend SDK
For full transparency and composability the Perp Frontend SDK is publicly available on Github here. Our community can now access our public SDK repo to interact with the Perp contracts via JS and thus build alternative frontends or web apps on top of Perp more easily.
🤝 Marketing & Partnerships
1. Market Listing Campaigns
To celebrate the new $FLOW listing we hosted a giveaway!  You could win a share of the $10k prize pool in $PERP and $FLOW by bridging to Flow or trading the $FLOW market on Perp v2. For the $BNB listing we had a small new market trivia, where you could win a special Perp Pepe T-Shirt. Would you have guessed it correctly?
2. DeCommas Testnet Launch
DeCommas Automated Basis Trading Testnet is live! The automated vault built on top of Perpetual Protocol and Optimism allows users to earn yield extracted from positive funding rates. The top 30 PnL wallets on Perp v2 have been added to the whitelist to try out the testnet.
3. Brahma Partnership ⚛️
Brahma just launched their Protected Moonshot DegenVault! The vault uses weekly harvested yields from blue-chip farms to take on leveraged positions on ETH-USD on Perpetual Protocol - long or short based on their momentum trading strategy. The vault is only accessible to degens with a Karma score of 420 or higher. 
4. Lyra Finance Twitter Space
Lyra Finance, the first options protocol that launched natively on Optimism hosted a Twitter Space with our co-founder Yenwen Feng on Options, Perps and a deep dive into Optimism. Listen to the recording or check out the summary notes. Want to benefit from implementing options strategies as a trader on Perp v2? Learn three strategies on how to hedge against market risk in our blog post.
5. Conversations with the Coop Podcast
‘Conversations with the Coop’ with Yenwen, presented by IndexCoop and hosted by Crypto Texan is now available as a podcast. Listen in to learn more about what a vAMM is, what perpetual swaps are, the difference between Eastern and Western crypto culture, DeFi 2.0 and $GMI.
To-dos in this development sprint
1. More Markets
We have new trading pairs in the pipeline. Follow the official channels to be the first to know. As always it is worth staying tuned to the announcements, especially this week as we have a very special listing planned. Can you guess?
💻 Web 
1. Display Funding Rate
This has been a highly requested feature: the possibility to view (historic) funding rate data. We have built out the frontend to display the funding rate over time and will be setting up the backend in this sprint.
2.  Simplified Maker UI
We are continuing to build out the simplified LP UI to make it easier to provide liquidity. Additionally, we will publish the dedicated article on how to fully leverage Perp v2 with different strategies soon.
🤝 Marketing & Partnerships
1. Market Listings
In this sprint, we will continue to list new markets as mentioned above. It pays to stay tuned on the official announcements to not miss out on any fun campaigns and giveaways - like the $FLOW campaign from last sprint. We also have a special one coming up, stay tuned! 👀
2. Onboarding Rewards V2
As many of you really liked our previous onboarding program, we decided to reissue it. Season 2 will be coming up soon, but updated! We will introduce a whitelist with limited spots to join the onboarding call. Participants who continuously trade for the following four weeks will get the onboarding reward.
3. DevConnect Amsterdam
Part of our team is going to Amsterdam for DevConnect in April. We’re happy to share that we are sponsoring ETH Day and DeFi Day and will be speaking on the panel together with Optimism. Come find us and say hi!
Team & Ecosystem Updates
1. We Are Hiring
We are looking for engineers, community managers, HR specialists and more, our team is a fast-growing, strong, positive-minded community of DeFi lovers from around the globe. By joining us, you will work as part of a tight-knit team and serve as an independent owner of individual projects. If you are interested in working with us, check out our job page here.
2. Perpvangelist Program 
We are heading to the end of our fifth epoch of Perpvangelist program, and it’s getting stronger! We now have Perpvangelist specialized in crypto content, design, video making, discord moderation and more, they are from all around the world. Join us and get a close look at how it’s like working in crypto!
3. Monthly Grants Report
In our last issue we highlighted the Grants Program for which anyone wanting to build on top of Perpetual Protocol can apply. Starting this month we will share all that has been going on in the Grants DAO in a monthly report published on our blog. Our newest grantee is DeFiHelper - get ready for auto-compounding your LP positions on Perp v2. 
4. Community Call #22
Any questions on the latest or future updates? Want to live chat with team members? Join our next Community Call #22 on Wednesday, March 23rd at 1 PM UTC live on Youtube.
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