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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #24



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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #24
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #24 • View online
Hi everyone!
Although market sentiment is rather bearish currently, we are using the time and continuing to buidl! Next to adding more markets the main focus on our roadmap is the introduction of multi-collateral on Perp v2 to allow for more strategies and enable deeper liquidity. With that being said, let’s get right to it!

Highlights from the last development sprint
🛠️ Engineering
1. New Markets
During the last sprint we deployed three new markets: $ATOM, $ONE and $NEAR. You can now trade and provide liquidity for eleven markets in total! Try it out on our platform.
2. Audit with Trail of Bits
The 5th full audit by Trail of Bits is done. As we are continuously improving and adding functionality to Perp v2 the code is changing and we are not getting complacent but have our code fully audited to provide security for our users.
💻 Web
1. Bridge & Swap with Li.Finance
As mentioned in our last newsletter issue, we have now integrated a widget that lets users bridge and swap from any chain in one step, powered by! Got funds on another chain? Just select the right one and bridge them to Optimism as well as swap for e.g. USDC or ETH at the best possible rates. Learn more about Li.Fi’s cross-chain liquidity aggregator and how to use it on Perp v2 in our blog post.
2. Optimism ETH Faucet
We are happy to announce that we are sponsoring the first ever ETH faucet on Optimism! You can get 0.002 oETH for free by bridging at least 1,500 USDC to a new wallet on Optimism. Use one of the supported bridging services Optimism Gateway, O3 Swap, cBridge or Hop exchange to be able to request the oETH. This will be enough to swap for some more oETH and start trading.😉
🤝 Marketing & Partnerships
1. Market Listing Campaigns
Two of the new market listings were accompanied by giveaways where you could win loads of prizes. For the $ONE market listing we did give away $20k in $PERP and $ONE to 20 winners! To win you had to bridge ETH to Harmony using the official Harmony Protocol bridge and trade $ONE market on Perp v2. Please find the full rules here. Winners will be announced soon.
For the $NEAR market listing we are giving away another $20K! This time in $PERP and $NEAR to 20 winners that bridge USDT to NEAR Protocol via the Rainbow Bridge and trade $NEAR on Perp v2. Full rules can be found here. The campaign is running until March 10th, so you can still participate!
2. Referral Campaign “MacBook Mania” 🤯
Our Referral Campaign “MacBook Mania” has concluded, and we will be giving away 30 new 14’’ MacBook Pro, Perp merch as well as an iPhone 13 Pro! The lucky winners will be announced this week. All referral traders that participated please remember to submit your promotional tweet as a Twitter DM
Our V2 Referral Program will continue to be open for everyone to join. To sign up as a referral partner follow the walkthrough here or sign up directly on and earn $PERP rewards for bringing new traders to Perp v2. By using a referral code, traders can enjoy a 20% rebate on their trading fees (with a cap based on the number of staked $PERP tokens).
3. PERP IVO with Solv Protocol has ended
The PERP IVO sale has ended , thanks to everyone who participated! With slightly over $3m sold this has been the largest raise to date using Convertible Vouchers. The Convertible Voucher Offering in partnership with Solv Protocol allowed us to raise $3m without selling tokens from our treasury in an innovative fundraising method for DeFi projects.
To-dos in this development sprint
🛠️ Engineering
1. More Markets
We have planned even more listings! We’ll keep you posted on our official channels once deployed and live. It is worth staying tuned on the announcements as we have some awesome listing campaigns lined up.
2. Multi-collateral
One top focus of our roadmap continues to be multi-collateral. By implementing multi-collateral you will be able to add other tokens than USDC as collateral on the platform. We have completed the logical framework and are beginning to test on Optimism Kovan.
3. Backstop Liquidity Provider
We are starting with the implementation of a backstop liquidity provider that takes on the positions from accounts close to liquidation. It will function as another layer to protect users’ positions from being liquidated when the market is too volatile.
💻 Web 
1. Simplified Maker UI
We are working on a simplified UI to provide liquidity. The UI update will make it easier to provide liquidity for non-professionals. Additionally, we have a dedicated article coming up on how to fully leverage Perp v2 with different strategies 👀
2. Open Source Typescript SDK
In this sprint, we are finalizing the preparations to open-source the Typescript SDK, which will make it easier for developers to build a UI or bots for Perp v2. As always, stay tuned on our announcements to be the first in the know!
🤝 Marketing & Partnerships
1. Market Listings
In the coming sprint, we will continue to list new markets as mentioned above. It pays to stay tuned on the official announcements to not miss out on any fun campaigns and giveaways - like the $NEAR campaign from last sprint which is still running! Pro tip for our newsletter readers: the chance of winning is exceptionally high if you meet the criteria. 
2. Reward Programs Ongoing
All of our reward programs are still ongoing! With the gas rebate program we are alleviating the gas cost for all Perp v2 users. With the liquidity mining program makers get $PERP rewards on top of the transaction fees they earn. You can get some juicy APRs by being a maker!
Team Updates
1. Job Opportunities
We are hiring! Our team is growing and we are looking for DeFi passionates with different backgrounds (e.g. Engineering, Technical Project Management, Finance, HR, Community Management and more). Have a look at the open positions on our jobs page. Might know someone who could be interested? Feel free to share the link!
2. Grants Program
Apply to build on top of Perpetual Protocol with our Grants Program: All projects, ideas and events that benefit Perpetual Protocol and its ecosystem are eligible for grants. Just fill out the application form with your weird and wonderful ideas that we would never think of!
3. Community Call #21
Any questions on the latest or future updates? Want to live chat with team members? Join our next Community Call #21 on Wednesday, March 9th  at 1 PM UTC live on Youtube.
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