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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #22



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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #22
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #22 • View online
Hi everyone and happy Lunar New Year!
We are already one month into 2022 and hard at work. Since our last newsletter issue, we have listed four new markets to trade and market-make, including the most popular L1s $AVAX, $LUNA and $SOL. 
Join our mainnet trading competition in the #ClashOfL1s to compete in one of five teams representing L1s and win a share of the 15k $PERP prize pool! Read on to find out more.

Highlights from the last development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
1. $PERP verified on Optimism
After being listed, the $PERP token is now fully verified on Optimism. It is now possible to bridge $PERP between Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Binance Smart Chain.
2. New Markets
We have deployed four new markets: $AVAX, $LUNA, $SOL and $CRV. You can now trade and provide liquidity for six markets in total. Try it out on our platform.
3. Updated Price Feeds to Latest Chainlink OCR 
The price feeds for BTC and ETH have been updated to the latest Chainlink OCR price feed. For anyone interested in learning more about Off-Chain Reporting (OCR) and how it increases decentralization and scalability, see this article.
4. Emergency Oracle 
We have implemented an emergency oracle as a short-term workaround to pause the market if something unexpected happens to secure our users. More details can be found on Github.
💻 Web
1. Rewards Dashboard UI 
The rewards dashboard has been updated and now includes the possibility of claiming PERP from the liquidity mining program as well as the gas rebate program.
Additionally, participants of the testnet trading competition can now trade for tickets and claim their prize after the snapshot dates. Find all details here.
2. New Website Design
We have migrated from to as our main domain with a fresh new look. You can even select your favourite background!
3. App Improvements
Our app UI has been improved further, with general UI improvements and bug fixes as well as a rewards drop-down menu. Have a look at the platform.
🤝 Partnerships & Marketing
1. Mainnet Trading Competition
The #ClashOfL1s has started - Perp’s v2 mainnet trading competition! Join a team representing one of five popular L1s to win a share of the 15k $PERP prize pool and the chance to win a limited edition NFT of your team’s avatar. Read our blog post for all details about the competition or sign up here.
3. Reward Programs Ongoing
Get rewarded to use Perpetual Protocol v2 “Curie” as a trader or market-maker. All users of Perp v2 can get gas fees reimbursed in the form of PERP through the gas rebate program. Liquidity providers can earn additional PERP rewards, in addition to the transaction fees they accrue through the liquidity mining program.
3. DeFi Valentine’s Party at ETH Denver
Coming to ETH Denver? We are hosting a DeFi Valentines Day Party with an open bar, free arcade games, live DJs and more with our wonderful co-hosts TrueFi, Balancer Labs, Solace and Cow Protocol. Capacity is limited, so get your ticket fast before they’re gone!
To-dos in this development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
1. More Markets
To provide more markets on Perp v2, we have planned further listings! Stay tuned to our official announcements.
2. Audit with Trail of Bits
We are currently preparing for another full audit with Trail of Bits. This will be the 5th audit after ConsenSys, ABDK, HashCloak and Dedaub as having secure, fully audited code is a main priority for us at Perpetual Protocol.
🛢 Backend
1. Internal Arbitrageur Bot Update (🚧 still a work in progress!)
We are working on the third internal arbitrageur bot to provide liquidity and arbitrage the funding payment when the premium is large enough. Once we start to gradually phase out the bot as more users join the platform, we will let you know in the newsletter.
2. Open source arbitrageur (🚧 still a work in progress!)
We plan to open source the arbitrageur for Perp v2. This is still a work in progress and we will keep you posted on any updates.
💻 Web 
1. Improvement of Pool Statistics
The statistics shown on the pool details page will be improved, including more useful information and transaction history of liquidity provision. This will enable better liquidity management for our users.
2. Referral Code Integration
As we are expanding our list of referral partners, the referral code sign up will be facilitated. To make the sign-up process easier, it will be integrated into the current app.
🤝 Partnerships & Marketing
1. Movr Network Bounty
We are offering a $10K bounty for any BUIDLers who can create a Perp bridge UI powered by Movr Network’s FundMovr APIs! Our grants committee has approved the bounty to make bridging more user-friendly and to facilitate transferring assets to Optimism to trade derivatives on chain. Find all details in the blog post.
2. Regular Community Calls
Going forward, we will have regular community calls about every other week to keep you updated about everything that is happening in the “Perpverse”. ICYMI, you can watch the last Community Call #18 to learn everything about the #ClashOfL1s trading competition.
3. More to come 👀
Following the mainnet trading competition, which is running until Feb 8th (meaning there is still enough time to join), we have more planned and more prizes to be given out, stay tuned!
Ecosystem Updates
📈 Vauld listing $PERP
Crypto trading and lending platform
The $PERP token has been listed on Vauld, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency lending and trading platform. You can trade two PERP pairs, against USDT and INR.
🌉 Bridge $PERP with Celer Network’s cBridge
Cross-chain bridging service
Celer Network’s cBridge is now supporting $PERP! Bridge your $PERP in a fully non-custodial way between Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain at fast speeds and with low costs.
Discover data and statistics on Perp v2 
We’ve updated the Dune Analytics Dashboard to include Perp v2! You can now check out various stats about Perp v2 “Curie” including trading volume, volume by market, fees collected and much more. Let us know if there is any data you would like us to add!
🏆 Rank #1 on Optimism
Most used protocol on Optimism
We are proud to announce that we made it to rank #1 as the most used protocol on Optimism. See relevant stats on Optimism on the Dune Analytics dashboard.
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