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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #21



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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #21
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #21 • View online
Hi everyone, hopefully you had a great start into 2022!
Our first issue of the year will cover the progress we’ve made in the last weeks and what is planned for the upcoming ones as usual. We have a lot planned for the new year, so let’s get right to it!

Highlights from the last development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
1. $PERP on Optimism
Our $PERP token has been deployed on Optimism. This will enable us to expand the functionality on Perp V2 as well as launch our gas rebate and liquidity mining program (see below).
2. Gas Rebate and Liquidity Mining
The Gas Rebate smart contracts have been deployed and the program has officially launched. All users of Perp v2 can get gas fees reimbursed in the form of PERP through the gas rebate program.
We aim to deploy the contracts that let people claim their PERP rewards for the liquidity mining program shortly.
🛢 Backend
1. Team Growth
On a more personal note, our team has grown quite considerably and we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all new team members on board!
💻 Web
1. Rewards Dashboard UI 
The rewards dashboard has been updated and now includes the possibility to claim PERP from the gas rebate program. The UI for claiming rewards in the liquidity mining program will be added soon.
2. Full Range Liquidity
Our liquidity providers or market-makers as we call them can now directly select “Full Range” when adding liquidity. This is especially helpful for more passive LPs that do not want to select and actively manage the price range they provide liquidity in.
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
1. Gas Rebate  and Liquidity Mining Program
We launched the Gas Rebate Program to alleviate the gas costs for traders. The more PERP you stake, the higher the weekly rebate cap is. Learn more here.
We will shortly launch the liquidity mining program to reward users who provide liquidity on Perp v2. The more transaction fees you collect proportionately, the higher % of the prize pool you can claim. Read on here.
2. Messari Report
Messari has created a very insightful report on Perpetual Protocol which also shines light on the decentralized derivatives trading landscape. Read the report here.
3. $GMI Index by BanklessDAO
BanklessDAO has compiled a DeFi Innovation Index that was just launched by IndexCoop and consists of exciting emerging DeFi applications. We’re happy to make up a fair share of the index with $PERP.
To-dos in this development sprint
🛢 Backend
1. Internal Arbitrageur Bot Update (🚧 still a work in progress!)
We’re still optimizing our internal arbitrageur bot, which provides liquidity and arbitrages the funding payment when the premium is large enough. As more users join the platform, we’ll gradually phase out this bot.
2. Open source arbitrageur
We will open source the arbitrageur for Perp v2.
💻 Web 
1. Prepare to Open-source Typescript SDK
In this sprint, we’ll start to prepare to open-source the Typescript SDK, which will make it easier for developers to build a UI or bots for Perp v2.
2. Multilingual Support 
We’ll update the infrastructure of the primary trading venue to support more languages in the future. 
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
1. Mainnet Trading Competition
We will run a trading competition on the Optimism mainnet for Perp v2. Stay tuned for the next issue and our announcements on Twitter and Discord to learn more.
2. Perpvangelist Program (🏃‍♂️ Still running)
Our community members can still apply for the Perpvangelist Program and contribute to the development of the protocol. In the future, applications to the Perpvangelist program will be opened to everyone, meaning everyone can apply and suitable candidates will be selected into the program. We’ll keep you posted!
Ecosystem Updates
Analytics Dashboard for Perpetual Protocol Traders 
Perpterminal is now live for Perp V2! It provides a helpful dashboard for your trades and gives an overview of activities such as total value locked, total volume, fees collected and number of trades.
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