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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #20

Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Perpetual Protocol Newsletter - Issue #20
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #20 • View online
Hi everyone!
We have some internal position adjustments, so we missed two issues. Sorry about that. Our newly-joined marketing associate Leonie will start taking care of this newsletter from the next issue so our growth manager Weiting can focus on acquiring new users.

Highlights from the last development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
1. Auditing v2
Dedaub and HashCloak are wrapping up their audits, respectively. So far, Consensys and ABDK (Uniswap v3’s auditor) have checked the codes. The audit reports will be publicized once all of the suggestions are resolved.
2. Limit-order/Multi-collateral Feature Research
Multi-collateral feature research is done, and we’ll start implementing it from the next sprint. As for limit order, it requires some refactors of the existing codes, so this research for this feature is postponed.
🛢 Backend
1. Subgraph Modification
We’ve upgraded our subgraph for Perp v2. You can check it here.
💻 Web
1. Maker UI 
We’ve updated the maker UI, which should provide a better picture of the condition of your liquidity provision. Check it out here.
2. Liquidity Mining UI 
The UI for the liquidity mining program is now done and we will release it once the smart contracts for claiming the tokens are deployed.
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
1. AMA Series for Perp v2
We held a series of AMAs/community calls to celebrate the launch of Perp v2, including one with Optimism and one with Perp friends such as Fiskantes from Zee Prime Capital and Brian and Dan from CMS Holdings. You can watch all of them on our YouTube channel.
2. Token Listing DAO Election
The community has elected several members to form the Token Listing DAO, which will find new tokens to be listed on the protocol and help approve tokens put forth by the perp team.
3. Gem Hunting 
To celebrate the launch of Perp v2, we held a gem hunting campaign, where people need to find the hidden gem in a video on Twitter. You can check the video here.
4. Onboarding Call
In December, we held several onboarding calls to help new users get familiar with our platform. We’ll analyze the results and see if we should continue this initiative in the future.
5. Christmas NFT Campaign with Project Galaxy
We worked with Project Galaxy to reward traders who generated over 100 USD worth of volume on Perp v2 during 2021/12/22~2022/1/2. Learn more about it here.
To-dos in this development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
1. Deploying Liquidity Mining + Gas Rebate Contracts on Optimism 
In this sprint, we should deploy the smart contracts that let people claim their PERP rewards for the liquidity mining program and gas rebate program.
🛢 Backend
1. Internal Arbitrageur Bot Update (🚧 still a work in progress!)
We’re still optimizing our internal arbitrageur bot, which provides liquidity and moves the price when there is no trader. As more users join the platform, we’ll gradually phase out this bot.
💻 Web
1. Multilingual Support 
We’ll update the infrastructure of the primary trading venue to support more languages in the future. 
2. Prepare to Open-source Typescript SDK
In this sprint, we’ll start to prepare to open-source the Typescript SDK, which will make it easier for developers to build a UI or bots for perp v2
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
1. Gas Rebate Program (🏃‍♂️ Still running)
We launch the Gas Rebate Program to alleviate the gas costs for traders. The more PERP you stake, the higher the weekly rebate cap is. Learn more here.
2. Liquidity Mining Program (🏃‍♂️ Still running)
We launch a liquidity mining program to reward users who provide liquidity on Perp v2. The more transaction fees you collect proportionately, the higher % of the prize pool you can claim. Read on here.
3. Perpvangelist Program (🏃‍♂️ Still running)
We announce our Perpvangelist Program, so the community members who want to contribute to the development of the protocol have a place to start.  
Ecosystem Updates
🆕 Seedle 
Track performance across Uniswap V3 and Perp V2 Positions
Seedle has joined our lineup of grantees to show the performance of your liquidity position on Perp v2 on their site.
🐍 PyPerp
Interact with Perpetual Protocol’s smart contracts with Python.
The developer of PyPerp is working on the next iteration which will support Perp v2.
Crypto made simple - one article at a time.
The editor of Blocmates has released more tutorials on Perp v2, including how to trade, market-making, and contribute to the protocol development.
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Perpetual Protocol Team

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