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Issue #28 - Multi-collateral Launch, DevConnect Digest, $OP & more

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Issue #28 - Multi-collateral Launch, DevConnect Digest, $OP & more
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Hi everyone,
We have a big update this week: our multi-collateral feature is live! From today on you can use USDC and ETH as collateral while trading and market-making with up to 10x leverage - more collateral assets to follow.

Highlights from the last development sprint
🛠️ Engineering
1. Multi-collateral is live
We deployed the highly anticipated multi-collateral feature! Try it out on our platform and read the blog post below.
Introducing Multi-collateral on Perp v2! | Perpetual Protocol
2. New Markets
During the last sprint one new market was listed: APE. You can now trade and provide liquidity for 18 markets in total.
💻 Web
1. Funding Rate Date Picker
The funding rate chart now includes a date picker where you can select the duration for the chart and download the stats as set.
🤝 Marketing & Partnerships
1. DevConnect Digest
As our last newsletter issue as well as the community call was brought to you right from DevConnect in Amsterdam, we have prepared a full recap of everything that took place from panels to parties and more in our blog post below.
DevConneeeect Digest! | Perpetual Protocol
2. Thales co-marketing campaign
To celebrate our partnership and $PERP listing on Thales we did a giveaway of 50 Thales Royale Passes allowing one to sign up for any Royale event with a buy-in of 30 sUSD. The campaign has ended on 4/22 and winners have been contacted.
3. Introducing Perp Covert
Hopefully you are following our socials channels and took the chance to apply to Perp Covert, our super *secret* trading group. Applications have been closed for now.
Perpetual Protocol | We're hiring!
Announcing the Perp Covert! 🕵️‍♂️

Traders, anons, and alike are all welcome to apply to this program.

What is the Perp Covert?
Our super *secret* trading group 😶

Covert members receive $1,000 USDC each so read on!
4. Optimism Collective
Optimism introduced the “Optimism Collective”, a large-scale experiment in decentralized governance, established through two governing chambers: the Token House and the Citizens’ House. Their first airdrop of the $OP token established the Token House by distributing $OP to thousands of addresses that have engaged in positive-sum, community-oriented behavior. If you have used Perp v2 you are most likely eligible.
Perpetual Protocol | We're hiring!

Great news for our traders and LPs!

If you've consistently traded or LP'd on Perp v2, you'll be eligible the upcoming 1st round of the $OP airdrop🪂

Check whether your address is eligible👇
To-dos in this development sprint
1. More Markets
The listing of another trading pair is scheduled for this sprint. Follow the official channels to be the first to know. 
2. Tokenomics
We are starting with the implementation of our new tokenomics model.
💻 Web 
1.  Support for more wallets
We’re updating our wallet SDK to support more wallets.
🤝 Marketing & Partnerships
1. Onboarding Rewards v2
We have updated the rules to our Onboarding Program v2. Every new user that signs up on our rewards page for the onboarding program and reaches 30 points until Friday, May 6th, will be able to sign up for the onboarding call and can win 200 USDC and a bonus NFT by trading for the following four weeks. Full rules can be found here.
2. Twitter Spaces with Project Galaxy 
Some of you might be familiar with Project Galaxy from claiming OATs and NFTs in our campaigns. As they are launching their token $GAL on 5/5 we are chatting with their head of BD Bob Chien about the launch and all things Galaxy on May 5th at 1am UTC. Set a reminder here.
Team & Ecosystem Updates
1. Governance Proposals: Fee Distribution
A new proposal to set the parameters for fee distribution was posted on our governance forum by CMS Holdings. Three snapshot votes to set the fee distribution parameters are live:
2. Partnership Governance Proposals
The Perp x Terra Proposal has passed. Following our tokenomics update, we’ve put forward a way to generate demand for $UST on Optimism and list the stablecoin as collateral on Perp v2.
3. Monthly Grants Update
DeFi Lab has joined our lineup of grantees as the first LP simulator for Perp v2, with which you can simulate and backtest your strategies for providing liquidity. We also just published the grants report for April on our blog.
4. Community Call #25
As usual, we will host a Community Call the following Wednesday, May 4th, to discuss the latest and future updates. The English Community Call takes place at 1pm UTC followed by our Chinese Community Call at 2pm UTC, both live on Youtube.
Further Readings
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