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Bi-weekly Update #16 (2021/10/4~10/18)

Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Bi-weekly Update #16 (2021/10/4~10/18)
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #16 • View online

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Highlights in the last development sprint
🛢 Backend
  • Building Maker BotThe internal maker bot is ready to provide liquidity when v2 launches. Once our partners like Charm, Teahouse, or Popsicle release the pools/vaults for our markets, we’ll gradually sunset our maker bot. 
  • Testnet Trading Competition PreparationAs we’re getting closer to the release of our v2, we’ll host a testnet trading competition to let people try it out and help us discover new bugs. Right now, the backend is almost finished, including an API to distribute test ETH and USDC.
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
  • AMA with Atlantis WorldWe held an AMA with the Atlantis World team, which recently joined our lineup of grantees to integrate Perp v1 and v2 into their products and build a token-gated city for $PERP holders. Watch the replay here.
  • AMA with Popsicle FinanceWe held an AMA with the Popsicle Finance team on 9/24 (Fri.). You can watch the replay here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won’t miss out on our future AMAs!
  • PERP in New YorkYenwen was on stage to discuss “Bringing Quadrillions On-Chain” at Messari’s Mainnet 2021 event in New York. Additionally, we held a DeFi Happy Hour with Index Coop, UMA, and Stake DAO.
  • Interview with Invictus CapitalYenwen sat down with the folks at Invictus Capital to discuss the past, present, and future of Perpetual Protocol. You can watch the interview here.
To-dos in this development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
  • Building and Researching V2 (🏁 finish line in sight!)ABDK, the auditor for Uniswap v3, is currently auditing the code. HashCloak will be auditing the code from the latest sprint. In the meantime, the smart contract team is assisting the frontend and backend teams to integrate with the smart contracts and readying the smart contracts for liquidity mining.
  • Planning the Smart Contracts Deployment Process for ArbitrumWe’re working on the process to deploy smart contracts to Arbitrum in preparation for the Perp v2 launch and reducing potential human errors.
  • Writing an Integration GuideTo speed up the integration process for our partners, the smart contracts team has started to work on an integration guide for Perp v2 to help keep pace with our BD team.
🛢 Backend
  • Verify the Results from the Internal Testnet Trading CompetitionWe’ve held a trading competition internally and our backend team will verify everything works properly (i.e. no one loses or earns money unexpectedly).
  • Funding Payments Calculation Perp v2 will use continuous funding payments on each block level as opposed to hourly ones used by Perp v1. As such, our server will calculate these numbers and pass the results to the frontend so users can have real-time info on this metric.
💻 Web
  • Leaderboard for Testnet Trading Competition (🚧 still a work in progress!)In this sprint, we’ll modify the leaderboard used for previous trading competitions to support v2.
  • Maker UI (🚧 still a work in progress!)In this sprint, we’ll continue to work on the UI for makers, which is equivalent to the Pool tab on Uniswap’s website. 
  • Liquidity Mining UI (🚧 still a work in progress!)We’ll launch a liquidity mining campaign when v2 launches to encourage people to provide liquidity on the protocol. There will be a UI that allows users to stake their LP NFT on the liquidity mining smart contract.
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
  • DeFi Happy Hour in LondonOur partners at are holding a physical event on Uptober 8 at 6-8 pm around central London. You can check the location and register here (it’s free!).
  • V2 DocsDocumentation for v2 will be a key focus going forward and we look forward to your comments and suggestions!
  • V2 SwagMissed out on our limited-edition “Fill'em All” hoodie? We’ll have some physical and digital items in the works that Perp fans will love, so keep your eyes peeled!
Ecosystem Updates
The largest 3rd party UI for Perpetual Protocol with advanced order types.
UI revamp is close to completion. We’ll schedule a live demo with the team to let the community have a first look.
An analytics hub for Perpetual Protocol traders.
The developer is adding personal staking info to the account page.
🧲 Perp Connect 
An iOS app that makes trading perps on the go easy and hassle-free.
Still under development. The current progress is that users can see 1) their assets on Ethereum and xDai Chain and 2) their positions on the protocol and close them directly from the app. 
A one-stop shop for newcomers in the DeFi space. 
In the middle of integrating with Perp v1. The StakeDAO team is currently adding a trading view to their site. 
🏠 Community Bot (Telegram, Discord)
A feature-packed tool on Discord and Telegram for protocol users.
The developer has added most of the functionality from Discord Bot onto Telegram Bot. 
A decentralized community driving adoption and awareness of bankless money systems.
Two articles about the protocol are done and will be distributed on the affiliated channels. We’ll join the Crypto Sapiens show thanks to their introduction.
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