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Bi-weekly Update #13 (2021/8/23~9/6)

Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Bi-weekly Update #13 (2021/8/23~9/6)
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #13 • View online

Want to build something awesome on top of Perpetual Protocol? Check our Ecosystem Fund and Grants Program.Additionally, we currently have five job openings. Check our careers page and apply there!
Highlights in the last development sprint
Major portions of v2 code have undergone an initial audit and things are looking good. Read on for more details!
🛢 Backend
  • 📈 Candle Chart Indexer Modification for v2The candle chart indexer has been upgraded to support v2 and the frontend team has taken over to integrate it with our new UI (check to-dos in this sprint to learn more).
  • 🐝 Keeper Modification for V2The team keeper bot was upgraded to support v2. Specifically, it’ll trigger funding payments and liquidate undercollateralized positions like it’s been doing for v1, as well as cancel orders, which is implemented to mitigate liquidation risks for makers.
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
  • Grants Program AnnouncementWe announced our Grants Program in the previous sprint and there are 3 teams that have received fundings to build on top of or integrate with Perpetual Protocol. You can check our request for proposals (RFPs) page for items that we’d love for someone to build (and apply there).
  • Interview with KrakenYenwen and Nick were on Kraken’s Youtube channel to discuss the past, present and future of Perpetual Protocol. You can watch the interview here
  • 🇮🇳 Listed on WazirX $PERP is now listed on WazirX! You can deposit your $PERP from Binance to WazirX instantly with zero fees. Currently, the $PERP-USDT pair is supported on WazirX.
  • Referral ProgramWe asked the community for comments regarding the future of referral rewards - read and comment here.
  • Third-Party ResearchAn in-depth review was done by The Capital. Check out the article here and comment or chat with the author (Roti#0588) in our Discord!
To-dos in this development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
  • Building and Researching V2 (🏁 finish line in sight!)All of the functions for v2 are now done. In this sprint, we’ll refactor the code for Clearing House, fix the bugs reported by the Consensys Audit, and prepare for the next audit in the coming weeks from ABDK, the auditor for Uniswap v3.
🛢 Backend
  • Subgraph Support for V2 (🏁 finish line in sight!)We’ve implemented the interfaces for most events from our smart contracts on our subgraph, and we’ll finish the rest in this sprint. 
  • Prepare Test Scripts In this sprint, we’ll work on test scripts, which will run several test cases before each deployment to test that the system is working properly.
💻 Web
  • Web UI for both Mobile and Desktop (🏁 finish line in sight!)Almost all of the trader-facing functions for both desktop and mobile versions are done. We’ll integrate a basic TradingView chart into the site in this sprint and also fix some minor issues. If you can’t wait and want to trade on the go now, you can use lite mode or instead (note uses Perpetual Protocol on the back-end, but positions will not show across and
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
  • Referral ProgramFinal testing has been completed so the new referral system and dashboard will be released this sprint! This means we’ll be able to start onboarding more referral partners and we have some big names waiting to come on board. Stay tuned.
  • V2 MarketingWe have a series of v2-related marketing projects ongoing and things are getting exciting. 
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