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By Perpetual Protocol Team

Bi-weekly Update #12 (2021/8/9~8/23)



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Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Bi-weekly Update #12 (2021/8/9~8/23)
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #12 • View online

We just announced our plan for the $30M Perpetual Ecosystem Fund! Check the announcement here
Want to work with us? Check out our careers page!
Highlights in the last development sprint
⚠ The development team is hard at work and making steady progress on v2, the current #1 focus. Head to the to-dos section below for details on the ongoing Curie development effort! ⚠ 🤝 Partnership/Marketing
  • V2 MarketingWe joined a few AMAs, podcasts, and panel discussions in the last sprint, including Chainlink’s SmartCon, The FTX podcast, and panel discussions hosted by Injective and Charm. Recently, we were also on The Delphi Podcast, Bankless, and Arcane Bear
  • Referral ProgramOur official referral dashboard development was completed and initial testing started. This will make it easier for traders to sign up, easier for referral partners to monitor their stats, and easier for the team to send out rewards each week. This means soon we’ll be able to start onboarding new referral partners in a serious way!
  • Perpetual DAO grantsThe Perpetual DAO grant committee came online and has already approved one grant to continue work on PerpTerminal - a community-run dashboard.Want to apply for a grant? Check out
  • Volume programOur business development team has been quietly working on a volume program for qualified partners, grant winners, etc. who bring substantial volume to the protocol. More details will follow!
  • Perpetual Ecosystem Fund Announcement We just unveiled our Ecosystem Fund which will be used to fund projects that integrate with or build on top of our protocol. Learn more about it here.
To-dos in this development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
  • Building and Researching V2 (🚧 still work in progress!)So far the basic trading function, liquidation and tx fee charging method are all done. We’re implementing funding payments now.
🛢 Backend
  • Subgraph Support for V2 (🚧 still work in progress!)Currently, we have designed all of the subgraph interfaces for v2 and started to implement the code for testnet. 
  • Candle Chart Indexer Modification for v2Since there are lots of changes for v2 such as different chains, different function names, etc, we’re modifying the existing candle chart indexer to support v2. 
  • Keeper Modification for V2For v1, keeper bots trigger funding payments and liquidate undercollateralized positions. We’re modifying the code to support the same features on v2 as well as the new ones such as canceling orders, which is implemented to mitigate liquidation risks for makers.
💻 Web
  • Mobile Web UI for V2 (🚧 still work in progress!)For now, if you want to trade on Perpetual Protocol on the go, please use the lite mode or instead (note APEX uses Perpetual Protocol on the back-end, but positions will not show across and APEX.)
  • Desktop Web UI for V2 (🚧 still work in progress!)We’re working on a new trading UI for v2, which accommodates new functionalities such as leveraged liquidity provisioning and (potentially) liquidity mining. This new UI follows the same design principles as the mobile web UI and will launch alongside it.
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
  • Referral ProgramWe aim to launch the referral program dashboard in the next 2 weeks. 
  • Perpetual Ecosystem Fund AnnouncementWe are in talks with more potential partners so keep an eye out for further announcements.
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